Introduction: Redneck Air Conditioner

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I am in Midland Texas where on the 24th day of April 2012 the high is going to be some where around 109 (F)  43( C) . 
The humidity is some where around 7 % making it super dry . 

I decided to make my house a bit cooler with out using my A/C ( power hungry thing that it is ! ) 
I Did not have any of the items I needed since i used them on a different project of mine . But, here is a simple list of what you may need 

Step 1:

Igloo Ice cooler ( wheeled and handled) $29.00 (makes it super easy to drag around the house to cool off certain rooms only .
20 foot 3/8 tubing ( I wanted 1/4 in but they were out . )  $5.43
ZIp ties .( every one should have thousands of these i find new uses almost daily . ! ( $4.00) about +/-
large floor fan .  ($45.00 )
pond pump 210 gallon Per minute ( pay close attention here I bought one also that did not have the ass to pump water up 1 foot ) wasted about $25 on it . (it will be put to use on something else !
About 2 gallons of H2O and 30 pounds of ice .

all spent ......around $103 or so . ( Again most of the stuff here you probably already have .so you can do it much cheaper. )

Step 2:

Zip Tie the hose loosely around the back of the fan ( you will want it loose to be able to adjust it for now ) 

Step 3:

I used a 1 Inch drill but to put the hole in the top for the up and Down lines. ( also for the power plug ) 

Step 4:

Ice Chest ( coleman ) Its got a handle and Wheels!!!