Introduction: Redneck Christmas Tree - in Under an Hour

Here is my first instructable. Its Christmas eve ive had no time to buy a real tree so i decided to make my own! 

im sorry  for the poor quality images i only had my phone and hand, and lets just say it isnt that great for pictures.

all you need is:

1 hour to spare
1 cardboard box
old tinsel tights and ball balls.

start by collapsing the box so it folds in half.

split the box in two pieces by cutting across the top and bottom so you end up with something like the picture bellow.

then cut both pieces into two identical large triangular shapes.

on one piece down the center from the top to around half way down make a cut.

on the other do the same but from the bottom to the center. 

join the two pieces together using the slots you have just cut this will give you the something that kinda resembles a tree (it is a redneck tree after all!).

next make cuts all the way up each of the 4 visible cardboard edges (make the cuts downwards and  diagonal to hold the tinsel etc better)

now all we need to do is add the tinsel! 
start from one of the corners and push the tinsel into the lowest cuts made, move around the tre pushing the tinsel into each one of the corners until your back where you started.

move the tinsel up a level (to a higher cut in the corner) and do the same again.

repeat this until the whole tree is covered.

add lights and ball-balls, switch on and enjoy your redneck Christmas tree!

this build took under an hour and is extremely simple and with a little more time i think could be made to look even better!

i hope you all have a very merry Christmas and thank you for checking out my instrucatble.

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