Introduction: Redneck Drill Holder

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Taking a look on the internet, I saw some metal hooks, but $10 a hook?? No way!!! This is a proof of concept on how to make a drill holder, later attachable to the wall, pegboard, table side etc. I know is full of mistakes, i could make it better if i would, but it's the prototype. My objective is to do it correctly in all along the pegboard. I'll upload some pics when done.

DISCLAIMER: You'll be working with heat. Avoid burning yourself and not to have flammable substances around. Consider to have a fire extinguisher next, just in case. PVC when burnt, causes toxic fumes, be careful.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

You'll need:
PVC pipe (in this 'ible i used the thick one, but i tested the thin type successfully)
-The thinner, the weaker, but easier to work with. It's convenient to hang light weight tools.
Metal saw or cutter
Torch or heat gun

Step 2: Cut Along

cut in your desired length, then, make a cut all along the pipe, to start the flattening process

Step 3: FIRE! and Flattening

Fast passes works best to not burning the plastic when you heat it, also, you have to stand at a prudencial distance that you see that you are not burning it. Unless you make a big black burn in the plastic, nothing wrong happens, it just make the burnt zone a just a little bit hard to bend later on. Besides the toxic fumes from the burning, of course.

Step 4: Cut

Once is flat, mark where your tool needs to go, and cut. To cut the notch, I made some passes with the cutter (Don't force it! And watch out with the cutter, is the shop's most dangerous tool, as AvE use to say!) then snap the part

Step 5: More Bending

Pick any cylinder shaped thingy of your desired diameter and repeat the heating and bending. The PVC should be moldable with your hands, by the time you can't stand no more heat. (and burn yourself!) Stop, cool your hands a bit with some water near if necessary, then go again.

Step 6: There It Goes.

Shape'em as you need'em!

Step 7: