Introduction: Redneck Margarita Mixer

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There are some "inventions" by others, not Instructables members or followers, that shouldn't be lost to time........this is one of those inventions.  I saw it for sale on the local Craigslist, and post it here so that its creator's ingenuity isn't lost.

in the creator's own words (slightly edited for grammar and spelling), from the Craigslist post:

One of a kind Margarita Mixer. Everything custom. Had no plans to follow.

Custom made box with a 5 gallon Igloo cooler on top. BRAND NEW InSinkErator Evolution compact garbage disposal in the wooden box ($179 at Home Depot). Everything on this came from Home Depot.

What it does with a flip of a switch is chops up ice and liquor or non-liquor together to make a margarita or slushie. It mixes everything using the return pipe, running into the top. With a turn of handle the product comes out.

This would be GREAT for tailgate parties, wedding receptions, general parties and family reunions!