Introduction: Redstone Lock Code Door

This is going to be the final product

Step 1:

make as many pillars as you want 3 tall out od any block, this is how many numbers to choose from for codes.

Step 2:

figure out your combination, for every number you use, put a block down on the ground and put redstone on top of it and one after. for everyone that isn't part of thr combination, put a block on the third block of the pillar and a redstone torch under it

Step 3:

put a sticky piaton after every redstone dust, and make a two long hole one deep in front of it.

Step 4:

at the secons block of the holes put redstone and connect them, then put a redstone torch on the far end bye the first pillar. if you have a lot of pillars (like me) you might want to add a repeater here.

Step 5:

at the end of each of the blocks on the top, connect them like in the picture, and two away from thr last pillar put 2 sticky pistons on top of eacher one behind all of the pillars. add redstone dust to the "bridge" on the top. make a 2x2 square behind the sticky pistons and behind the sticky pistons put a repeater, and on all the other blocks redstone dust.

Step 6:

add a lever to each of the original pillara and a sign above them insicating which number it is. and put the levers in the down position.

Step 7:

my code is 7-6-3 so i put those levers up and the door moved inwards, if you did all the steps corrsctly it should work!