Introduction: Redstone for Minecraft PE

They say that the next big MCPE update will be the Redstone Update. That is going to be a while away. This may very well be the coolest thing in Minecraft PE. I will teach you how to make this Redstone Alternative Rube Goldberg like Chain Reaction doodad. It will drop a villager into the void and kill a cow in the process. Woot Woot! The video I watched was from a YouTuber named MatEsquisse. He mentioned in his video that he wants the MCPE community to know about this because they can play with it. I will be teaching you this machine but mess around with these techniques and create something even cooler. Then put a video, description, or whatever in the comments. While your there, mash the like button. Thanks MatEsquisse! Let's start!

Step 1: Piece #1: Track and Cow

1. Make a ten block line with any full block of your choice.

2. Make a two block high slope at the end.

3. Place regular rails on the blocks shown above.

4. Place powered rails in the gaps.

5. Make a cow cage by making a plus pattern with glass.

6. Break the center piece of glass.

7. Spawn an adult cow inside the cage.

8. Spawn a minecart on the track.

Step 2: Piece #2: Garden

1. Dig a 4x3 hole in the ground.

2. Fill it with sand with the exception of the two blocks shown above.

3. Fill the close block with dirt.

4. Fill the far block with water.

5. Plant a giant cacti behind the dirt.

6. Till the dirt.

7. Plant seed on the new farmland.

8. Plant one sugar cane next to the dirt.

9. Put a carpet on top of the sugar cane.

10. Fill the water with sand.

Step 3: Piece #3: Signing Off Into the Void

1. Place a sign on the carpet.

2. Place five more signs in front of the first one.

3. Place a piece of gravel or other falling material on top of the sign.

4. Make a plus out of fences on the gravel.

5. Delete the center fence of the plus.

6. Spawn an unlucky adult villager on the gravel.

7. Dig a 3x3 hole breaking bedrock, or just a deep one in non flat.

8. OPTIONAL: Label this "THE PIT OF DOOM!" This step is suggested.

9. Give your minecart a push and watch the magic.

Step 4: How This Works

Pretty cool huh? If you are going to play with this more you should know how this machine works. Pushing the minecart acts like a switch starting the machine. The cart picks up the cow and shoots him into the cacti. The injured cow falls breaking the seed, because seed dies if stepped on. Sugar cane breaks if the block next to it breaks. This destroys the carpet which destroys the sign and the signs break each other, because they are the support blocks, finally destroying the sign that supports the gravel which falls into the void with the villager. I hope that wasn't confusing. If these techniques are mastered a person could make machines that have different, and more important, uses than killing a villager.

Step 5: Reset

Unlike Redstone, this machine takes some effort to reset but t isn't terribly difficult.

1. Respawn the adult cow.

2. Put new water beside the cactus.

3. Retill the ground.

4. Plant the wheat again.

5. Plant the sugar cane.

6. Place a new piece of carpet.

7. Resign (put up new signs)

8. Place new gravel.

9. Respawn an adult villager.

10. Replace the minecart.

Now you can go show your friends! Now you get to see what you can do tinkering around with these Redstone alternatives! Make sure to comment your builds and mash the like button while your there. If you liked this check out my Instructable on MCPE Furniture, it should be in my profile. Thanks for reading!