Introduction: Redwood Fence Office Table With Hairpin Legs

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This project is my first and hopefully one of many.

I chose redwood fence panels because it looks pretty and was super cheap ($15-$20 including the frame). The hairpin legs are readily available in all shapes and sizes online OR if you have the tools, it's cheaper and way more fun to make your own!

Step 1: Get Your Things Together


2 x Redwood fence panels (5' x 12" x 1") sourced from home depot.

1 x 10' piece of 2x4 (cut into 2 x 3½' & 2 x 16" lengths)

1 x small tin of semi gloss polyurethane




4 x 28" hairpin legs


Wood saw


Screw gun

Paint brush

Step 2: Cut Your Fence Panel Edge Off

Using a wood saw, cut off the pointy fence panel edge.

In this instance, I cut the 5' fence panel down to 4½' to fit into a corner space.

Step 3: Build a Frame

Cut your 10' 2x4 into desired lengths for your table frame.

I chose to cut two 3½' and two 16" lengths of 2x4 but as long as the frame is no longer than your fence panels you're golden.

Grab a nail gun (or hammer and nail) and nail your frame together.

*To prevent the frame from moving, clamp down your frame before you nail.

Step 4: Secure Fence Panels to Frame

Next, place your fence panels on top of the frame, making sure the fence panels are square.

Once the panels are aligned, nail the fence panels into the frame from the top.

Step 5: Sand and Varnish

Sand your table top and apply varnish to taste. I sanded enough off to get rid of the splintery bits and then applied two coats of semi gloss polyurethane.

Step 6: Attach Legs

So the easy but more expensive option for this project is to purchase hairpin legs online which are super easy to secure, but will cost you more than making your own.

Pre fab legs-

Place each leg square, inside of your frame and screw in your legs one at a time.

Step 7: OR Make Your Own Hairpin Legs Out of Rebar

If you happen to have an oxyacetylene tank and mig welder laying around then this is super easy and a cheaper option. * Note this is the first time I have used both of these machines so no judging my welds.

- Measure the desired length and draw out a guide with chalk on the floor

- Cut 4 pieces of rebar to size and make a mark in the middle of each piece.

-Using an Oxyacetylene torch, heat and bend the rebar at the marked length.

- Weld metal brackets to rebar but triple check all of your legs are the correct height before welding!

- Attach to frame using a screw gun

Step 8: Tadahhh

Table done.