Introduction: Reeses Tornado Truffles

These decadent oreo peanut butter truffles are melt in your mouth deliciousness bite sized chocolate dipped treats the whole family will love. These truffles are a tornado of you favorite candy, cookie, all drizzled in your favorite chocolate. I was sitting at home one day going through my Pintreast and found this amazing recipe for resse's tornado truffles and made a few measurement changes. These smooth, chocolatey, rich treats are easy to make and worth it in the end.


-15oz package of peanut butter oreos

-8oz cream cheese (softened)

-6 resse's peanut butter cups

- 1/2 a cup of resse's pieces

- 1 bag of your favorite chocolate

Step 1: Creating Your Mixture.

Crush the oreos either with your hand or in a food processor (personally I use a food processor, it is easier, cleaner, and makes a better mixture in my opinion, but do whatever you would like, make it your own!). Once oreos are all crushed add mixture to a large bowl and add softened cream cheese and mix for about 2min. When mixing make sure to remember that the mixture is smooth and not clumpy, because who wants to bite into stright cream cheese (I usually mix the ingredients together with a normal food mixture). Once the oreos and cream cheese are mixed together fold in 1/4 a cup of resses pi to add in that extra peanut butter taste when you bite into the truffles.

Step 2: Making the Truffles

Refrigerate for about an hour then after roll mixture into bite size balls (I personally do 1in balls). Once you have rolled all the mixture into balls you must them freeze for approximately another hour. You must freeze the mixture so it becomes firm and easier to dip into chocolate.

Step 3: Preparing the Chocolate

You must then melt the chocolate in which you desire your truffles to be covered in. You can either melt the chocolate in the microwave or use double boilers which in my opinion is easier for melting chocolate because it helps keep the chocolate warm. When melting the chocolate make sure you are checking and stirring the chocloate frequently so it does not burn. For the truffles you can use any type of chocolate you would like My personal favorite is white chocolate (with white chocolate you can add dye and make the color specific to what you are making the truffles for such as orange for halloween and etc.).

Step 4: Coating the Truffles

When it comes to dipping anything in chocolate it is not an easy task. So for dipping the truffles in chocolate I find that it is easiest if you tab the truffle with a for and then dip the truffle in the chocolate off the fork. Once the truffle has been dipped in chocolate put the truffles on parchment paper and use the rest of your reeses pieces to decorate. Then leave truffle on parchment paper to harden. Also I would suggest putting finished truffles in the fridge to help the hardening process.