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Introduction: Refashion Glasses With Lego

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After successfully repairing a broken hinge, I decided to add some stylish element to my glasses, and replace the original branding by another famous branding: LEGO!

(This method may not apply the same way to any glasses. It depends on how the hinge is made.)

Step 1: Needed Stuff

  • Two 1x10 plates
  • Two 1x4 plates
  • Two 1x2 plates
  • Can be found by the piece on BrickLink
Steel wire:
  • Steel string, 1mm thick. Extremely resilient. Can be found in RC models shops.
Tools & supplies:
  • Pliers
  • Hammer
  • X-Acto knife
  • Dremel (optional)
  • Vise, emboss (or scrap metal plate)
  • Clamps
  • Epoxy glue
  • Sand paper or file

Step 2: For the Function: Make Replacement Temples

  1. With the pliers, make a loop with the steel string. You can use a small screwdriver to roll the wire around.
  2. The internal diameter must correspond to the original hinge screw.
  3. Cut out the excess string, and hammer the loop flat.
  4. Adjust the loop so that it turns smoothly into the hinge, with proper angular limitation.
Leave sufficient steel string length, and see next step.

Step 3: For the Fashion: Add Lego Plates

  1. Assemble the Lego parts. Join and align the end piece cover with the temple using a temporary 1x4 plate.
  2. Cut the steel string to approx length.
  3. With the Dremel, make a groove on the inner side of the temple, to receive the steel string.
  4. Hollow out the end piece cover.
  5. Adjust+rectify until perfect fit.
  6. Glue the end piece cover to the end piece, and the steel string to the temple. Keep the hinge free of glue.
  7. Let cure for some minutes, then add some clamps, and carefully align everything. Wait until completely cured. Add more glue if necessary.
  • DO NOT GLUE the temple tips yet! See next step.

Step 4: For the Comfort: Adjust and Tighten Tips

  1. Wear the glasses during one hour, to determine the best position and angle of the tips. It shall not hurt, and the glasses shall not slip down.
  2. Sand the tips round (otherwise it will hurt you behind the ears).
  3. Add a screw for more stability (pre-drill the tip piece).
  4. Glue the tips to the temples, adjust the angle, and let cure.
We're done!

You could add some Sugru to the inner sides.

Step 5: For the Fun

Now we have glasses with Lego fashion!

If it's not cool enough, Lego add-ons may be affixed at will, depending on the mood!

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    7 years ago

    You can now attach a pair of sunglasses. ?


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    You could probably, but it would look really weird.

    Mine in this ible are self-darkening prescription glasses, hence sometimes dark, sometimes clear.

    This actually makes me wish glasses would look good on me. This is freaking awesome!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Cool frame, I would try to make a clip on that glows blue at night. A