Refined IPhone Car Mount




Introduction: Refined IPhone Car Mount

This is a companion to the prototype coat hanger car mount I made for my phone (see: 

The steps here are mostly:  measure, measure, measure. 

I used 15A conduit, bent the ends (to the measured thickness of my phone) and taped them for scratch protection.  Then I bent the U shape (to the measured width of my phone less 1"), measured where I wanted the cross piece --in this case I can put the car charger in the side, and access the front button as well as the volume control on the top, and the power button the opposite side.  Again the cross piece is bent based on the thickness of the phone. 

To hang it, I created the two small hooks based on the measurement of my vent, bent with pliers, and hung it in my VW. 

Ingredients were about 12" of scrap 15A conduit, plus 6 inches of black wire and 4 inches of red wire from another scrap, and vinyl electrical tape.  Tools were needle-nosed pliers, ruler and the phone. 

DISCLAIMER:  ALWAYS BE CAREFUL with the raw wire around your easy-to-scratch PDA!  I'm not taking any flak from anyone who scratches theirs.  Tape the ends of the wire, use cardboard, foam earplugs or don't do it.  You have been warned!!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    Hey Looks inspiring! I might even suggest Plasti-dipping the coat hanger and any metal that might scratch said PDA. I'll have to give it a try! Thanks!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! That's exactly the sort of suggestion I was hoping to encourage. I've never used it, but I always assumed it was good stuff. If anyone has experience with it (or a link to a project that uses it), please add it here, or in the prototype.