Refinishing a Pine Table



Introduction: Refinishing a Pine Table

We have a pine dining table, which we brought with us to Fuerteventura from the UK. Unfortunately, as the house we bought was furnished, we didn't have room for it in the house so we use it for BBQs and general eating outside. Although the weather here in Fuerteventura is normally great, we do occasionally get rain in the winter, and the table is exposed to the weather.

It was covered in a plastic patterned table cloth, which protected it to some extent, but some of the dye from the cloth soaked into the wood. I decided to try refinishing it by rubbing down the old finish and apply a new one using polyurethane varnish. The result was better than I expected.

My apologies for the poor narration. It was the one part of video making I was apprehensive about. Hopefully it will improve with time! I hadn't realised until listening to this just how boringly monotonous my voice was - no wonder people fall asleep when I am talking.

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