Introduction: Reflective Paracord Bracelet

Everyone knows how Dark it gets in the evening during winter and Autumn times.
You would need a terribly powerful flashlight to even see where you're going, but in my opinion its more important to be seen than it is to See.

I mainly own Dark Themed clothes, and I only have a single pair of Shoes that has a Reflector of sorts, So a couple of days ago I started thinking about How could I implement some kind of Reflector to a Paracord project without having any Reflective Paracord at hand. After a handful of different Ideas, this was the best one.

Step 1: The Tools and Materials

Here are the Tools that I used in the making of these bracelets.

For the Cutting I recommend using either sharp Scissors or Sharp Utility Knife to get the best edge on the Reflective Fabric. A Ruler to measure the width of the reflective strip, and a marker to make markings.
The rest are basic tools needed in every Paracord Project.

The Reflective Fabric that I used is salvaged from an old Electricians Reflective Tool West that was too small for me to wear anymore.
You can also buy it either from the Internet or your local Fabrics store.

And Of COURSE you need paracord. I Was way too lazy to even try to measure how much of it it took to make one of these... An estimate is around 2 meters...

Step 2: Measuring the "Base" Size and Starting to Tie the Cobra Stitch

Now you need to fold your Paracord in half, wrap it around your wrist, measure and mark it.
I always mark the spot where the Stitch is started. That way it is way easier to tie the Cords together to ease the tying process. The tying step is optional though, more experienced Paracordists just start the stitch right away.

I have just shown you the basic look of the stitch here, if you need a more detailed guide to making and starting the stitch, there are lots of guides here.
You need to make 2 stitches before advancing to the next step.

Step 3: Measuring and Cutting the Reflective Fabric

In my opinion this is the step where you have the largest possibility to F*** things up. Especially if you have dull Tools...
The Reflective Fabric I use is salvaged from my old Tool vest.

For this narrower Cobra the Fabric needs to be around 1cm wide (or 0.39-0.40 Inches)
Measure it, and cut a strip about 22cm long (8.66 Inches)
I prefer to use a Sharp utility knife to do the cutting over the plain old Scissors. If you use the Util. Knife, use a ruler as your guide so you get a straight cut.

Step 4: Adding the Reflective Fabric to the Stitch

Now here comes the difference between normal Bracelet and this one.
Few steps back I told you need to have a pair of stitches done before this step. they will act as a stopper and spacer for the fabric.
Now tie a 3rd "Loop" or Stitch, leave it loose and insert the fabric under the cord that passes over the 2 base cords, then tighten. Now create the 4th "Loop" and lift the fabric up, and create 2 "Loops" more.
Then lay the Fabric over the 2 loops you just created, and create 2 more "loops" over the fabric as shown in the third picture.
Then just continue this 2 Over, 2 Under pattern until you're few centimeters short from completing the stitching. Create 2 last loops over the fabric, and cut the rest of it off. Then 2 more loops and your stitching is done. Now you just need to finish making the Bracelet by creating the tightening system.

Step 5: Finishing Up and the Final Products

Allright. Wasn't too hard was it? This is just an example for one sided Cobra Stitch, but you could easily make the Fabric onto both sides, allowing you to create long lasting Dog Leashes and by making the bracelet bigger, you could create a band to go around your Leg or ankle, making it even easier for people to see you.
You could also make this band with lots of different setups, this one is "2 Under, 2 Over"
Why not make it "1 Under, 1 Over" or why not "3 Under, 1 Over"?

Thanks for reading, and hope this little guide makes you a little more Shiny in the inevitable Darkness.