Introduction: Reflective Super Commuter!

As we all know, daylight is becoming scarce, and riding in the dark, a daily thing. So, my solution to the ever present danger of the automobile predator is to cover the bike with reflective tape. This solution uses no batteries and is crazy visible upon any incident light.

Step 1: Cut the Vinyl

Adhesive vinyl can be obtained from any vinyl supplier, ( and I happen to have a vinyl cutter (but scissors work too). So I drew up some H2O molecules to make a statement that the main emission on my bike commute is water vapor coming off me (and some CO2). So these unassuming decorative dots on the bike are crazy reflective upon incident light (ie headlights, streetlights). This quality gives you the option to go with a vinyl that is close (or the same color) as your bike, or you can go bold, as shown in this one.

Step 2: Apply the Vinyl

After cleaning the bike, apply the vinyl decals, with emphasis on the back, and left sides of the bike, since this is where cars will usually be aiming.

Step 3: Be Seen!

A cool, custom bike, with really visible nighttime character.

Sets of these decals are available in many colors and shapes through,
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