Introduction: Refractive Bamboo Lamp


Considering low manufacturing coast & virtue to make a stylish, good looking lamp, we finally came up with this idea to make this lamp.


Ø Longer distance lightening.

Ø 360 degree area lightening.

Ø Easy switching option.

Ø Portable.

Ø Light weight.

Ø Easily removable bulb.

Ø Attractive look.

Ø Low coast.


Ø Bulb (approx 50 or 60W )

Ø Bulb holder

Ø Switch

Ø Conducting wire(approx 2metre)

Ø Thin sized nuts & bolts

Ø Hollow bamboo pipe

Ø Thin aluminium or steel strips

Ø ACRYLIC white sheet

Ø Spray colors

Ø Adhesive glue

Ø Cutters

Ø Filing equipments

Ø Smoothing & finishing machines

Ø Drilling machine


1. Make 3 holes on the bamboo at 1200(approx) & accordingly on the 3 metal strips.

2. Bend the strips accordingly to superimpose the holes of metal strips on the bamboo & fix them using nuts & bolts.

3. Cut the ACRYLIC SHEET sheet in the circular shape of radius (approx 10-12cm).

4. Make holes on ACRYLIC SHEET sheet & metal strips accordingly, to join them.

5. Finally your outer structure is ready, now fix your holder in the centre of & pass the wire along with the switch & holder connected to it through another opening of bamboo pipe.

6. Make some gap, near to the lower bottom of the bamboo pipe, in order to fix the switch in the bamboo pipe itself.

7. Attach a strong support to the base of the bamboo pipe, so that it can stand properly & safely.

8. Now color the structure, using spray painting in order to give a wow factor to your lamp.

9. Now insert a bulb in the holder, so that bulb could completely hidden inside of the bamboo pipe. If it happens, then make some shape using ACRYLIC SHEET sheet (like frustum, cylindrical or any other) & try to cover the bulb as much as possible.

10. Finally your lamp is ready, now using ACRYLIC SHEET sheets you can make various shapes & can paste them wherever needed.

11. Also apply colors wherever needed just to give “WOW FACTOR” to your lamp.