Refreshing Lemonade Slushy- Easy

Introduction: Refreshing Lemonade Slushy- Easy

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Hello! It's been a very long time since I posted. I've been busy with quite a bit of stuff lately. I'm glad to be back!

Today I am here with a very simple Instructable. I have made a similar Instructable before, but this is more of a summery treat for a hot day! Please try this out and let me know how it goes!

Step 1: Materials Needed for Lemonade

-A pitcher to make your Lemonade in








-Lemon Squeezer (Optional)

The ratio of Lemons: Cup of water is 1:1

The ratio of Lemons: Sugar is 4:1 Cup

*Depends on how many you want in your slushy

Step 2: Making the Lemonade

-Cut one of your lemons into two pieces with your knife

-Put your lemon in the squeezer, or squeeze the lemon with your hands into the container

-Repeat the previous step as many times as you want depending on how much you want

-Add the sugar into your container depending on how sweet you want your lemonade to be.

-Use your stirrer to mix the sugar in your lemon juice until it completely dissolves.

-Add your lemon juice and sugar solution to your pitcher and add your water depending on how much you want, or depending on your ratio of your lemons

Step 3: Cooling Your Lemonade

-Add a bunch of ice into your pitcher and set it away to cool down for fifteen to twenty minutes.

Step 4: Materials Needed for the Slushy Making Process

-Ionized Salt


-Gallon sized ZIplock Bag

- A large amount of Ice

- Small Ziplock Bag

-15 to 20 minutes

-Your Lemonade


Step 5: Making the Slushy

-Take your bigger Ziplock bag and add ice to fill up about half the gallon sized back

-Take a tablespoon of Ionized salt and add it into your Gallon sized ziplock bag

- Take your smaller bag and pour some of your lemonade out of your pitcher and seal your smaller bag tightly and put it into your bigger bag

-Seal your bigger bag and start shaking your bigger ziplock bag continuously for 5 minutes

-Take a break for a minute then shake your bag for another 5 minutes

-The liquid has probably formed into a ice like texture

-Pour your slushy into a cup and repeat this process as many times as you want depending on how much slushy you want.

Step 6: Finishing Thoughts and End Results

I made this quite a few times. First, I would suggest putting a bit of more sugar than you think you need. Sometimes the ice in the lemonade will dilute the sugar and cause it to seem less sweet. If you are repeating the slushy making progress, put the slushy that you already made into the fridge or freezer to keep it from melting. Just in case, it would be beneficial to double the smaller back in case one of them decides to leak.The picture above shows my end results, it melted a bit because of me taking too long to find a good place for the picture. Please try this out and share your results! Until next time, I will be in the comments!

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    3 years ago

    Looks like a delicious lemonade recipe.