Introduction: Refreshing Watermelon Lemonade

Whether you are having a party, or just want to relax with a refreshing drink. This drink is the perfect fit! It is fun and refreshing with a nice summer twist to it!

Step 1: Ingredients

6 servings
  • 1/4 watermelon (2 cups of watermelon juice)
  • 1 cup of water
  • 3/4 cup of fresh squeezed lemons (6 lemons)
  • 3/4 cup of simple syrup

Step 2: Clean Utensils

  • blender (CAUTION)
  • juicer
  • sharp kitchen knife (CAUTION)
  • cutting board
  • strainer
  • measuring cups
  • pitcher
  • drinking cups
  • spoon
  • large spoon ( for stirring)

Step 3:

  • Get cutting board and knife

Step 4: Cutting Lemons

(CAUTION) a sharp object in use

  • Cut all lemons into halves on the cutting board.

Step 5: Juice the Lemons

  • Open up the juicer and place the lemon half with the smooth part facing down.

Step 6: Juicing the Lemons Continued

  • Then squeeze the lemon juice from the juicer into a measuring cup for all lemons to ensure that you get 3/4 cup of lemon juice
  • Repeat for all lemon halves.
  • Then pour lemon juice from the measuring cup into the pitcher

**throw away used lemons**

Step 7: Cutting the Watermelon

In case of a whole watermelon

(CAUTION) a sharp object in use.

  • Take the whole watermelon and cut in half
  • Place one half to the side
  • Take other half of watermelon and cut into halves again until you have a quarter of a watermelon

Step 8: Cutting the Quartered Watermelon

(CAUTION) a sharp object in use.

  • Take the knife and cut vertically into the quartered watermelon to get several slices.
  • Cut between the green outer layer and red layer to get slices of watermelon.

**throw away the green outer layer**

Step 9: Cube Up the Watermelon

(CAUTION) a sharp object in use.
  • Cut the watermelon into cubes to get smaller pieces that will fit in the blender

Step 10: Blend the Watermelon

(CAUTION) sharp blades in use.

  • Put the cubes of watermelon into the blender a little bit at a time.
  • Blend to a smooth liquid.

Step 11: Strain the Blended Watermelon

  • Take blended watermelon and strain into a measuring cup to ensure you get 2 cups of strained juice.use
  • Use spoon to aid straining if necessary.
  • Add the 2 cups of strained watermelon juice to the pitcher with lemon juice.

Step 12: Add Simple Syrup

  • Measure our 3/4 cup of simple syrup and add to the pitcher.

Step 13: Add Water

  • Measure out 1 cup of water and add to the pitcher.

Step 14: Enjoy

  • Use a big spoon to stir the mixture in the pitcher.
  • Serve into cups and enjoy!!