Introduction: Refurbish an Old Wicker Basket

So my mom had an old wicker basket that I had broken the handles off when I was younger. And since her birthday is coming up I decided to fix it up for her. So I used an old leather belt to make some new strong handles. I hope you and my mom like it. 

Step 1: Materials

(1)-An old leather belt
(1)-Old/broken wicker basket
(8)-Brass fasteners

-Writing utensil

Step 2: Cutting and Adding Fasteners

Take your old belt andcut it into two 13.75" pieces.
Then take one of the pieces:
a) about 1/2" from the edge make a slit big enough for the "legs" of the brass fastener to fit through, then about 3/8" (towards the opposite end of the piece) from that slit make another slit.

b) now about 1 5/8" from the center of the two previously made slits make a mark on the piece, then make two slits, each one should be equidistant from the mark.

c) now repeat this for the opposite side of the piece

d) repeat the above for the other piece.

e) just slide the brass fasteners into the slits and your set for the next step.

Step 3: Work the Basket

Make a mark on the basket where you want the handles to go. Then slide one the brass fasteners into the wicker, once its set and your satisfied with its positioning, use your pliers to close the fastener. Repeat this seven more times.

Step 4: Fin

Now your done! Go do some laundry

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