Refurbished Outdoor Chandelier




Introduction: Refurbished Outdoor Chandelier

This is a custom outdoor chandelier that I made for my mom. I made it from an old chandelier that I found at a thrift shop. She wanted something that had an aged copper aqua look so that's what I did.

Step 1: Find a Chandelier

I found this chandelier at a thrift store a little while back. I bought it for $8.99. I also bought a smaller chandelier with it for $4.99. I rewired the smaller one and hung it in a small corridor area in my house.

Step 2: Remove Old/Damaged Wire

If your chandelier has good wiring that you would like to use skip this step. You could rewire the chandelier after you remove the old wiring. I chose to just install solar lights. Removing the old wiring made my chandelier lighter, and it made room for the solar lights I had.

Step 3: Clean the Chandelier

You could do this step before the last step. I chose to do it this way because it was easier with this chandelier. When I cleaned my chandelier, I found a mark saying it was a Fredrick Ramond 1979 chandelier.

Step 4: Paint It

I decided to do an aged copper aqua look. I achieved this by watering down aqua paint mixed with a little green. I then painted on the watered down mixture with a sponge brush and let it run down the chandelier. Once it was dried, I covered it with a clear lacquer to protect it from weather.

Step 5: Install Lighting

I chose to install these solar lights I got on sale. You could rewire it but I chose not to because of where I was going to hang my chandelier.

Step 6: Hang It and Enjoy

The last step is to simply hang your chandelier. Make sure you hang it on something that is strong enough to hold it. Then, you should have a nice outdoor chandelier you can enjoy for years to come.

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    4 years ago

    What did you do about water intrusion? Being out side, that is going to happen and if there is any tiny area for water intrusion, it is going to happen. JMHO Nice project though.


    Reply 4 years ago

    The body was hollow after I removed the old wiring, and the bottom was open so any water would go right through. The only other place for water to collect would be in the candle cups. I wrapped the bottom of the solar lights in plastic wrap so there was no room for water to collect. It rained where I live the day after I hung it up, and there was no water in it. Of course, if I had rewired it it would have been much more complicated. That's another reason why I chose to not rewire it. Thanks for the good question.