Introduction: Refurbished Recycled Storage Container

This box is both a portable "bits and pieces" container as well as a beautiful way to use up recycled materials!

Step 1: Prepare the Napkin

Take an attractive napkin, a piece of plastic wrap, and milk carton. Separate the layers of the napkin (sometimes they are two ply and sometimes they are three). Make sure you remove the decorated layer for this project.

Take the decorated layer and the plastic wrap and iron the two together on a piece of parchment paper (otherwise it may stick to the ironing board).

Step 2: Create Drawers

Cut a milk carton from the very top of the flaps to the very bottom on one side along the corner edge. Then cut along the bottom corner edge and up the other side corner edge. This will remove one whole side of the milk carton.

You may have to trim down the sides to allow for free movement in the sleeves.

Take the top flaps and cut along the corner edge to the fold line. Then lift the center flap and then put the two side flaps forming a closed end. Staple the end closed.

Step 3: Attach Napkin to Milk Carton Drawer

When it's cooled, place the milk carton over the decorated layer that we've now created. Ensure the design covers the bottom of the milk carton with enough to go over the edges of the milk carton.

Attach the napkin layer to the milk carton by applying the heated iron to the napkin on the milk carton base.

Step 4: Drawers Into Sleeve

To create the sleeve which the decorated drawers can slide into, take another milk carton and cut it to the appropriate length to accommodate the drawer.

Step 5: Attach Sleeves and Cover

Take packing tape and attach all the sleeves together. Do not attach them too tightly or else the drawers won't slide.

Take a piece of paper (in this case, I used wallpaper but gift wrap will also work) and lay the attached sleeves on the paper. Cut to size and wrap the unit.

Note: Cut an excess to be able to insert the paper into the sleeve. This creates a neat and tidy appearance on the outside of the unit.

Step 6: Slide Drawers Into Unit

Take your completed drawers and slide them into the sleeves which have now been connected and wrapped up.

Step 7: Attach a Handle

You could be finished at this step.

If you want a handle for your unit, take duct tape folded in half. Attach both ends of the handle to the ends of the unit.

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