Regreasing a Rear Wheel Bearing - Honda Civic 1999.



Introduction: Regreasing a Rear Wheel Bearing - Honda Civic 1999.

My car's rear wheel bearing made groaning noises on the highway. Upon visual inspection, I saw grease leaking out of it. I removed and cleaned it (sorry for those steps and pics being omitted), then got ready for putting fresh bearing grease into it.

Step 1: The Hub and Bearing.

The inner race is made in two halves. The inboard half is out to allow cleaning and inspection of one set of bearings. There is another, smaller set of bearings around the outboard race that is in place.

Step 2: Greasing!

Using my finger, I packed in fresh bearing grease into the hub. I rotated both sets of bearings to make sure the new grease flowed into all the voids.
I also put grease on the spindle. Once satisfied I pushed back in the inner race.

Step 3: Putting Back the Hub.

Easy enough to slide the hub onto the spindle, put the washer followed by the nut. I torqued to 181Nm. Finally I staked the spindle nut.

Step 4: Completion!

With the wheel back on I lowered the car and it was ready for a test drive!

On the highway it ran quiet! I only heard the tire on the road and not any groaning noise!

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    4 years ago

    Maybe honda have a way to give that clearance and still tighten up the center nut . Don't know atm but when the car is on a jack grab the wheel top and bottom and some clearance should be felt . It may be dangerous otherwise


    4 years ago

    Hmm again I wonder where you sourced your info on this . Normally with a wheel bearing you would tighten it up tight then back it off half a turn to give some clearance before staking. Otherwise the bearing will heat up and seize and lock the wheel. When I do them I clean off the old grease roughly then wash the removeable parts in kerosene. make sure all the grease is out then hold the bearing center in your fingers and direct a jet of water sideways onto it and make it spin . If it won't spin it is not clean. When clean regrease . The case hardened bit in the wheel must be wiped off only ,unless you are doing the whole wheel .If there are wear markings on the outer case it must be replaced ,the more wear the sooner.