Regular Show's High Five Ghost Costume

Introduction: Regular Show's High Five Ghost Costume

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This year for the NY Comic Con, money and time was tight for me. So my costume this year was fairly simple. Basically just a whole bunch of white clothing and a mask. And you can't imagine how many high fives I got. Enjoy the adventures and the excessive use of parenthesis. 

What you need:

White clothes(Doesn't matter what exactly. I used a white dress, white hoodie, stockings, and shoes)
Leather(It's sort of my thing. But I'm sure you could have used cardboard or even cardstock. Anything flat with some slight flexibility)
Elastic chord
Gray stocking material
Glue(I use E600)
Black and white paint
Your high fiving muscles

Step 1: The Mask

I drew the character's shape in Photoshop(which is shown below and you are welcome to use yourself). Print to desired size(I ended up having to use two pieces of printer paper taped together.

Use this new pattern to draw out your mask onto whatever material you chose. 

I drew mine out on leather. Then I wet the leather in order to shape it. I wanted it mostly flat, but with a slight curve. I used some random items to hold it in that shape until it dried completely.

Paint entirely white. Might take two layers if your material is dark. 

I wanted to keep that cartoony style, so I outlined the whole mask, as well as the eyes and mouth, in black. 

Step 2: Eyes and Mouth

Now to get the gray look to the eyes and mouth, while still being able to see where the hell you are going. That's where the stocking material comes in. 

Cut off a piece of gray stocking that is large enough to cover one eye. Make sure to work on the BACK of the mask.

This part is a total pain, but be patient and it will eventually work. The best method is to spread glue on one side of the eye and press the edge of the material in place. Then let dry completely. This will make it easier to then stretch the gray material across the eye hole without it pulling up the glue. You can then repeat with each side of the eye until the gray material is properly stretched across it. It will look hideous from the back, but as long as you can SEE through the material, you are good to go.

Repeat with other eye and mouth. Let dry. 

Step 3: Elastic

Using a three pronged(pronged? That's definitely not right, is it?) system of elastic, this mask rests very easily on the face. 

Cut a piece of elastic cord with a length somewhat shorter than it needs to be to fit on your head. Glue each end as shown on the mask. I personally wanted to see through the mouth. If you want to see through the eyes, glue slightly higher. I used pieces of felt to hold it down, so I didn't get glue on my fingers. 

For the third prong(No, no, no) cut another piece of elastic. Length should be somewhat shorter than the distance between your forehead and the back of your head. Glue one end to the top of the mask(excluding the hand). The other end you need to loop around the initial piece of elastic. Let dry and you are dooooone.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    LOVE IT!
    Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? I made out of card boards and tape lol Vote if you like show some love in return :-)