Introduction: Rehabilitation Glove

Those with injuries to hands/wrists/fingers etc. who want a cheap, quick physical therapy option to work on getting their strength and movement back.
Look no further with our two unique choices we can find the perfect fit for you!

“Rehabilitation Gauntlet” formerly known as “The Love Glove”. Patent Pending
Cheap DIY Rehabilitation Glove

STL: Medical Technologies - Medical technologies for prevention and rehabilitation

Step 1: Gather Materials

- Passion, but if you’re already planning on making this for someone in need, then you don’t need anymore.
- Gloves. Preferably ones that aren’t too thick. The thinner ones we used were $3

- Small magnets. Ours were $12 circular magnets.

- Velcro. These can be bought online for as cheap as $5.

- Sewing needle and thread. If the velcro you get has tape on the back of it, then you will not need the sewing equipment. Can buy a pack of thread for $4 as well as a pack of needles.

- Gorilla Mounting Tape. For the magnets. Price of $7.

Step 2: Taping Magnets Around Fingers

  1. Take one magnet out (more if you need more strength) and place it onto the gorilla tape
  2. Be sure you are aware away the positive and negative side of the magnet
  3. Wrap the magnet around a finger (closer to the top, but not the tips)
  4. Repeat for other fingers, even thumbs while making sure you do not accidentally make fingers repel each other.

Step 3: Check to See If Everything Is at the Right Height.

  1. It may be difficult to tell where you should tape your magnets on the sides of the top digit of your fingers
  2. Check again that the magnets are attract each other.

Step 4: Sewing/Taping Velcro on Fingertips and Palm

  1. If you have velcro with tape on them, then just add the velcro to the glove and fingertips
  2. If your velcro does not have tape on the back, then sew it onto the glove
  3. A good place to put the velcro is across the widest part of your palm (around where your thumb is) and on your fingertips
  4. Thicker gloves may make it harder to sew. We switched to a thinner glove.

Step 5: Make Sure Everything Fits Nicely With the Hand

  1. You’ll want to make sure the gloves work with each exercise
  2. The velcro on the glove has a lot of room for error, so you shouldn’t need to resew it.
  3. The magnets should not be too difficult to fix since you are only dealing with tape. Although, making sure the magnets do not stick with each other can be solved by weighing them down with something heavy like a book.

Step 6: Make You or Your Loved One Feel Special

  1. Use the glove multiple times a day to regain finger movement
  2. Have more control of your movement