Introduction: Reindeer Christmas Gift Card

A simple, reindeer shaped card with a pocket for a small gift such as a chocolate coin.

Ideal for children to give out as cards before Christmas to their school friends, or as a small token to a friend or family member.

Also makes a great decoration for the tree or a bookshelf.

This design was created in Adobe Illustrator and then converted to PDF. I can supply the adobe files if requested, as they have cut and fold layers included for use with a cutting/plotting machine and appropriate plugin.

Step 1: Print, Cut, Fold...

You will need:

  • The two attached PDF Files
  • A colour printer
  • Some string (glittery if possible)
  • Scissors (and/or scalpel)
  • A bead (or felt tip of your own colour choice, for the eye)
  • If using a bead for the eye, some glue (PVA or similar to attach bead to card).


  1. Print the two attached PDF files - one on each side of a single sheet of white A4 Card - this will ensure your card is coloured on both sides.
  2. Cut the design out along the indicated lines, taking care. The print is designed to be wider than the cut line, to make the final design neater.
  3. Cut the slot (you may wish to use a scalpel for this) in the body for the tab and cut the slot on the head and antlers, where they will be joined together later (not yet!)
  4. You may wish to colour the eye or glue a small bead to it.
  5. Cut a hole in the tag for the string.
  6. Fold the legs down, then fold the tab and tuck it into the slot from the outside, making a central pocket.
  7. Insert chocolate coin / real coin / small candy cane or other small gift into the pocket - you may wish to secure it with tape.
  8. Write a message on the tag for the recipient and attach the tag to the reindeer's neck with a loop of string - easier with the antlers off at this point.
  9. Finally attach the antlers using the slots.
  10. Place it in an envelope or give it out as is - the antlers will fold flat.
  11. The reindeer is free standing, so makes a nice card or decoration for the recipient!


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