Introduction: Rejuvinating Goji Berry Tonic

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Goji has been dubbed a superfood and people go nuts for the stuff. I like them in this refreshing drink that is accompanied by other red berries and petals. It is a nice tart beverage to enjoy in the morning after coffee or whenever really! I feel like it is a nice Spring/Summer drink and I hope you try and enjoy it.

Step 1: Gather Your Goods

For this recipe I used:

4 cups of fresh water

1/2 cup goji berries

1/8 cup hibiscus petal

1/8 cup rose petal

1 tsp schisandra berries

1 tbsp. honey

lemon, for garnish and a splash of juice to add some acidity

For the tools I used:

various measuring cups and spoons

a pot

a strainer

a funnel

an empty, clean, and sterilized glass bottle

Step 2: Some Notes on the Ingredients

Disclaimer: Skip this step if you just want a tasty beverage and not be put to sleep due to boredom. Oh and I am not doctor and this is just what I have read on the subject of the ingredients. It is not advisable to consume this beverage if you are pregnant or nursing, I've read.

The main ingredient here is the Goji berry. It is believed that goji helps your kidneys and liver function by tonifying the blood. They contain antioxidants, like beta-carotene and zeaxanthin, and long chain sugars called Lycium barbarum polysaccharides. These supposedly aid the immune system by increasing production of superoxide dismutase, or SOD.

Great...what does that mean?

Free radicals such as superoxide, O2(-), and Hydrxyl, OH(-), can cause cell damage and trust me, you don't want that. So the SOD turns the O2(-) into regular oxygen, O2, which is good, and/or hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, which is more easily removable from the body.

Schisandra is a berry that in Chinese medicine is said to help skin and aid in beautification. It also is believed to aid in fatigue and circulation. Additionally, it is believed to help cleanse the liver.

Hibiscus/Rose petals will reinforce that deep red color of the beverage and add nice floral notes.

Step 3: Let's Make

Bring your water to a boil

Remove from the heat

Add all ingredients except the honey

Let sit for 1 hour

Strain and discard solids

You really do not want to push on the solids because the schisandra may be a bit tanic. So unless you like bitterness, avoid pressing to get as much liquid as you can.

(strain through a filter if you don't want any floaties)

Add honey and stir

Serve as is or refrigerate until cool, add some ice and lemon and enjoy

You could even add some champagne for a little kick!

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