Relace a Baseball Glove




Introduction: Relace a Baseball Glove

Here I will show you how to replace a string in your baseball glove

Step 1: Go Get the Tool and Lace

Go to your local sports store and purchase a kit like this for a measly $5.

Step 2: Take Photos of the Glove

You need to make sure u have many photos of the glove before you take any out to insure that everything is replaced correctly.

Step 3: Take Out Old Lace

If your glove was busted or you just wanted new lace, you must untie and pull out any old lace you wish to replace.

Step 4: The Tool

You must put the tool through the holes you wish to pull the string through

Step 5: String the Holes

Guide the lace through the hole in the tool and pull the lace through the holes in the glove

Step 6: Continue Lacing

Making sure to keep the strings even and following the pattern of the original glove, continue lacing the glove.

Step 7: Finishing

Once you have completed the original pattern, tie the strings and cut them and you are ready to play ball!

Step 8: Finished Product

As you can see the lace works as good as new and you can save a ton by this DIY project!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice! The tip about taking photos beforehand is excellent, and applies to all kinds of repair-type projects. Snap a few photos before you disassemble anything, and you'll always be glad you did! :)


    7 years ago

    I also recommend using hemostats [surgical tool]. You can find them at army/navy surplus stores.