Introduction: Relaxation Sachets

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I've been making these for years, for friends, family and myself . They can be as big as you want, or as little as you want, I generally make them little and pocket sized.

They can be kept in with your pillow, or kept in your pocket. I find them very useful everyday, especially during a recent stay at the hospital, where i just needed to breathe in the scent to stay calm. It also helped me sleep soundly.

Lavender has well been known to be a relaxant. Its used in soaps, bubble baths, bath salts and teas, and has been shown to be beneficial to relaxing tense muscles, including menstrual cramps.

Chamomile is most often used in teas, in my experience, and has a calming effect as well.

You can use any combination of herbs and essential oils in the mixture, but my absolute favourite oil is anise star oil. It smells like licorice, and you don't need that many drops to blend a sweet relaxing mixture without overpowering the senses.

Essentially the sachet mixture is a potpourri, and i often have a batch resting in my room before its divided and given away.

I hope you enjoy this 'ible and find it useful for your daily needs :)

Step 1: First Things First

You need your herbs. I buy my herbs in individual sized baggies from a local spiritual store for about $2 a bag. I could get it much cheaper in bulk, but these sachets have about six months for a lifespan before they're worn out (depending on the uses.... once they dont help you relax anymore, you need a fresh one) and i don't want it to go stale before i can use it.

I've done bulk for this one, but if you just want one nice small pocket size sachet, you only need a tablespoon of chamomile and a tablespoon of lavender with one, maybe two drops of essential oil. Depending on how full you pack it, the resulting mixture can make either one or two sachets. For me, i don't pack it in tight so it will make two.

In a small batch i usually let it sit and rest for a few days, periodically stirring it to help get the fragrance nice and distributed.

I find it useful to test the scent on my husband, and when we both agree on it I know its ready :) (especially when he steals the container away from me!)

I keep it in a glass container, or in a little copper plant holder because i don't trust my cat around glass. Some people are anti plastic, and i prefer to know what my containers are made from.  Some metal containers will rust or produce a metallic smell, but i haven't has a single problem with the copper.

Step 2: Making the Sachet

You can use whatever you want for fabric. Oddly enough, in this case i have avoided a high cotton blend because the friend who is receiving these gets a reaction from cotton. I prefer cotton because its so soft, but its entirely up to the maker.

Cut out the size of the sachet you want (i usually fold mine to reduce it to 3 seams instead of 4)  and get out your needle and thread!

Step 3: All Sewn Up!

Its all sewn up!

I do it by hand, personally. It helps with coordination and motor control (I have perma shaky hands due to medications) and it also keeps me occupied enough to focus on something. I like the personal touch.

Then turn it inside out and its ready to fill!

Step 4: FInis

So i fill it up about half full, and the sew up the top!

Now its ready for use, whether it be in with your clothing, your pocket, or with your pillow.

Enjoy :)