Remake R2D2 Makeup Look

Introduction: Remake R2D2 Makeup Look

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This is Momoluv's look. I just recreated it. =) check out her page !

Step 1: Prime

First I put primer on my eyes so the eyeshadow would stay.

Step 2: Base

I got this gray-blue color to use as the base. It's from my BH cosmetics Smokey eye pallet.

Step 3: Blue

I then took this bright blue from the urban decay electric pallet to put on my lid and blend up toward my eyebrow.

Step 4: Blend

I then took a light blue, almost white, color from my bh cosmetics Smokey eye pallet and put that under my brow and under my bottom lashes and blended it into the surrounding colors.

Step 5: Design

I ideas a black and blue liquid eyeliner to make the r2d2 design. I also added a blue wing leading from my lid crease and a black wing leading from my eyelashes. I also added liner to my water line.

Step 6: Silver

I also took silver from the urban decay electric pallet to the original base color. I just felt like it needed that.

she also used diamonds but I didn't have any, so I placed a white dot with body paint where she had the diamonds.

Step 7: Blue Eyebrows

she had blue eyebrows in the look.
I have BLACK eyebrows naturally do I took thus nyx color mascara in blue and I also used both blues in the urban decay electric pallet to make mine blue.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    thanks so much! I really appreciate that you gave me credit and remade this look with your own style. I love how you did it, so cool


    7 years ago

    the blue goes very well on you! :-)