Introduction: ReminDOOR

Never forget or leave thing behind again!!

ReminDOOR, an upcycled DVD player, is placed next to your door and stops you from leaving your house without first grabbing those items you always forget (keys, wallet, headphones)

Step 1: Take Apart Unused or Broken DVD Player

For this design we used a Laser HD007

Step 2: Which Parts to Keep From DVD Player

- Sheet metal
- Wires
- White circle clips
- DVD rotating holder
- Screws

Step 3: Strip Paint Off Sheet Metal

Use sandpaper and stripper to remove the coat of black paint off the DVD metal

Step 4: Trace and Measure Cut Patterns

Print out template of design to trace and arrange on DVD sheet metal. Use ruler to ensure dimensions are correct

Tip: use a red pen so it stands out on surface

Step 5: Wear Safety Gear Before Cutting Out Metal

Wear closed toe shoes, ear muffs, work glasses and a work coat. Tie up hair or loose items

Step 6: Adjust Band Saw Height

Allow the height of the metal to pass through without bumping the band saw

Step 7: Have Cooling Liquid Ready

If the metal starts to smoke or heat, apply cooling liquid to assist cutting

Step 8: Cut Out Pieces

Making sure fingers are not at risk of getting cut at all times, using a block of wood to push and hold metal to place fingers away from blade

Step 9: Keep and Collect All Cut Parts

After cutting you should have the following parts

Step 10: File Down Edges

Use a hand file or machine belt sander to straighten and smooth edges.

Step 11: Drill 6.5mm Holes

Draw out a 4 by 11 grid with a gap of 15mm. Use a nail to put a small marks in the metal to assist with drilling the 6.5mm holes.

Tip: Clamp the metal to a sacrifice block of wood - this way it ensures the metal stays flat.

Step 12: Cut Out Detials

Drill small starting hole to put the blade into in order to cut out details.

Also cut out nuts by trimming out the holes that were already from the DVD player left over parts.

Step 13: Folding the Parts

Image 1: how to fold
Fold the 2 shot edges 90*, and the other longer sides 45*

Image 5: how to fold
Fold the 2 edges 90*

Image 8: how to fold
Fold the top edge 45*

Step 14: Sand Metal Faces Down

Sand the part down to make sure paint is smooth and sticks to the metal.

Also glue the clicker in place that it allows the gear to pass but also makes the clicking noise. Use needle noise pliers to hold the parts together while the superglue sets.

Step 15: Paint

First give all parts an undercoat, then spray the red, black and white spray paint as shown on the last image.

Step 16: Assemble

Screw the parts together, using the DIY nuts to keep them together.

Step 17: Done!

Step 18: Ways to Arrange Your ReminDOOR