Remind App Tutorial

Introduction: Remind App Tutorial

This is a tutorial for the Remind App. This is a great way to communicate with parents in a confidential way without giving out your phone number.

Step 1: Go to the App Store

Step 2: Find the Remind App

Find the Remind App in the App store.

Step 3: Create a Log in and Password

Create a Log in and password that you can remember and only you know.

Step 4: Find Your School

Step 5: Set Your Office Hours

It is important to set your office hours as parents can contact you at any time. Setting contact hours in imperative!

Step 6: Add Your Contacts

There are three ways to add contacts in the future.

Step 7: Choose How to Add Contacts

For this class purposes we are adding contacts with the green 'add people' button.

Step 8: Enter Names and Numbers

Enter contact names and numbers from your class list given by the office

Step 9: Make an Annoucement

Click on your class name to make an announcement to your class. Remember confidentiality.

Step 10: Start a Conversation

Click on 'Start a Conversation' and the little pencil to start a confidential conversation with a parent.

Step 11: Construct Your Message

Create a confidential message for your student and their parent.

A great starter example could be: Hello Mrs. Robinson, I was so excited when I saw Jamison's name on my class list! I can't wait to work with you this year and get to know Jamison. Make sure you proofread your text and click send.

Step 12:

Thank you for viewing this Instructable on the Remind App.

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