Introduction: Updated Remington ACR - Adaptive Combat Rifle, Knex

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This is the Remington ACR, a modern Assault Rifle, purposely built for adaptations to many missions/circumstances.


The Remington ACR / Magpul Masada / Bushmaster ACR.

1.0 - Base Gun with no updates and a few accessories - both dot sights and forward grip - instructable completed
1.1 - A few body mods including a new stock and power mods and new accessories including grenade luancher, Heartbeat sensor and ACOG/ thermal scope. - instructable incomplete
1.1a - A full makeover of the gun for people who do not have any Y connectors. - instructable incomplete

About my gun:

Credits to The Dunkis' For magazine.

Based off of the ACR in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2


Model: Remington ACR

Mechanism: FPM in stock.

Range: 30-50 depending

Magazine: The Dunkis’ STANAG


Great looks



Not really any, but range could be better…

Pieces Warning: This build may take up a lot of your pieces. It includes a very large amount of Y "hand" connectors a piece count of 24 minimum. I suggest you make sure you have 24, before building. also, a black (or stronger) rod is needed and 8 half orange modded pieces are needed as well. Also, 7 black half hinges are needed (no blue half hinges). 20 blue spacers are recommended.

If you can, please take time building this.

I will look forward to seeing your comments.

Also, be critical, I want to know how to improve more.

Picture 4 shows the new version of the gun...

Pictue 10 the heartbeat sensor close up (my favourite attachment)...

And last but not least, please comment, rate, comment again, then subscribe :)

Step 1: The 1.1A Version

I have made a version of this gun for people who have no Y connector ( the little black things)

follow each step normally, but read through the updates at the bottom..


Step 2: The Dunkis' Magazine

Put some music on and start building, cause this might well be a long build, it took an hour just to break it up and take pics, so it may take 1 to 3 hours to make from scratch.

The Dunkis' Magazine

1) the magazine

2) build this

3) build this

4) build these

5) attach

6) attach

7) slot it in here

8) white rod goes in...

9) ... in here.

10) finish off.

For the 1.1a Yconnector-less version,

you unfortunately can't have a curved mag

i suggest, if you have 1 y connector, you use it here...

just build a normal mag (continue the layer in the note on the first picture

Step 3: Stock


1) what you are building

2) build

3/4/5) build

6/7/8) build

9/10/11/12/13) build

14) attach

15) attach

16) attach

17) collect

18/19)This is an update picture... the connection on the gun will look like this... when you have finished the gun, edit it so it looks similar.

Step 4: Iron Sights

Iron Sights

1) What you are making

2) make it.

3/4/5) make it. (5 - add)

Step 5: Handle and Trigger Assembly + Firing Pin and Mag Pin

Handle and Trigger assembly

1) what you are making... looks tough, but really isnt.

2/3) trigger... make it.

4) These are part of the body panels... make them.

5) make. notice that one of the side panels has a grey connector, and the other has a white rod, the rod can be angled for comfort, on the side where your fingertips will be.

6) assemble

7) add green rods - an interesting connection method, that works well in handles, as it fixes them in solidly, yet doesn't have any poking out ends...

8) what it will look like. i just have to say, you don't actually need these in, but keep them there to fill in the spaces.

9) add

10) tuck it in.

11) add

Firing Pin and Mag pin

12) make it. note the tape, the black rod and the 2 rubber bands.

13) make inluding rubberband.

Step 6: Lower Reciever

Lower Reciever

1) what you are making.

2) make these

3) make, note the 3 y cons

4) make note the y cons.

5) make

6) attach, note how the green (black) rods are stressed, and pushed back, on the blue connector.

7) add the other one.

8) how step 2 will be added on, when it is done.

Step 7: Upper Reciever / Main Body

Upper Reciever / Main body

This is the real barrel, and the body segment connecting the handle, stock, trigger and magazine.

Body Segment

1/2/3) build this


4/5/6/7) build this the last three are a sweep from top to bottom, each picture overlaps, so you don't miss any.

in case you cant see, heres a list:

C stands for Connector

yellow C
(small gap)
blue spacer
grey C
orange C plus Y C
half orange C times 4
tan/blue clip
half orange C times 4
orange C plus Y C
grey C
orange C times 4
blue clip times 2 (could be tan clip times 2)
orange C
grey C times 4
(small gap)
yellow C

Inner body bar

8/9/10) build

Assembly between the Inner body bar and the barrel

11/12/13) assemble... be careful

Step 8: Main Body Side Panels + Main Body Assembly

Main Body Side panels

1) Make. and make sure you read the image notes telling you to REMOVE THE WHITE RODS!!!

Main Body Assembly

2) add

3/4) clip in, notice how the yellow cons in the panels are kindof stressed...

5) gather all you can see... all you have made, minus the stock.

6) slip trigger in...

7) like so.

8) add this

9) handle is angled like so...

10) secure the handle...

11/12/13) on both sides. also, notice how the white rods do not stick out.

14) showing how the rods do not stick out.

15) get ready...

16) take these off.

17) add. it may be under lots of stress to get the white rod into the holes...

18) check both sides

19/20) add this, but check that you have done 20 correctly before you click it in. you may have to take out all the extruding white and green rods to make it work...

21/22/23/24) add these (look for the rubber band on the second, third and fourth picture.

Step 9: Forward Barrel + Rails

Forward Barrel

As an early pardon, im sorry for this step, this piece is too large to take apart, so you'll have to kind of build it as best you can...

I recommend building the panels first and then building the top walls (of orange connectors)

1) make

2,3,4,5) panel sweep

6) blue connector!!!

7) bottom wall overview

8) top wall overview

9,10,11) top wall sweep

12,13) bottom wall sweep


14,15) make

16) make

Step 10: Final Assembly, Attaching the Pin Bands, Final Assembly Continued

Final Assembly

1) gather all the pieces. including 2 small rubber bands

2,3,4) add stock.

5) add Firing pin (dont take the stock off though... i took these few pics in reverse order.

6,7) add the lower rail to the forebarrel

8,9,10) remove/find the extruding rods, on the groun -, line up the for barrel and put the rods in, to fix it on.

11,12,13) put on top barrel

14) add forward iron sight.

Attaching the pin bands

15) remember the piece you SHOULD have taken out? this is why... getting it out now requires a strong thin object like a screw driver... put the band in like that... oops forgot to say take the firing pin out first...

16) put the pin in again, and pull on the unfixed end, with the white rod in between your fingers...

17) fix it in. could take a few tries, but you can do it. align the knot at the middle with the yellow con of the firing pin.

18,19,20,21,22,23) teaching you how to fix a sight on (all back sights using the red connector and white rod that is introduced in pic 19, will work)... the rubberband pulls the chin rest down when upside down.

24) add trigger band

25) put the mag in (when it clicks into the 2 Y cons in there, then load the bullets, and use the pusher connected like it is in the pic to load it. because the pusher band is weak, you may need to give it a push... thats a good thing - it means you can load the mage with up to 10/15 bullets, and the pusher wont push it out... then you can have the current one, and another magazine as a bandolier...

Happy hunting...

also, pull back the yellow rods on the pin, until it clicks twice.

Step 11: 1.1 Updates

Step 1. stock was updated (in Stock Step)

Step2. Iron sight connection update.

1) iron sight connection update...

Step3. Trigger guard!!! :)

build the gun first remove the middle yellow connector in the handle... then..

2) this is the back side of the mag insert wall... change it..

3) completed, make all you can see, then

Use all the image notes you see to help you...

Step4. firing pin...

4) CHANGE the yellow to an orange connector, and hook up like to...

you can now move the other end of the rubber bands farther forward...

5) like this...

Step 12: Accessories

If you're done hunting, or haven't even started hunting...

You may want to hunt in style with one of these lovely luxury optical sights or a forgrip.

1)  all of them
2) Red dot sight. simple. make it. theres nothing you cant see... apart from the guy threatening me to take these pics quicker... the guy with the AK... which is coming next... whoops.
3) forward dot sight... the ball joint is on a Y con...
4) how to put it on...
5,6,7) Holographic... a butch version of the red dot... personally i hate this compared to the red dot...
8,9,10) foregrip... its comfy :)
11,12) how to put foregrip on...
13,14) RDS preview...

In future, i may post more of these including:

Grenade Launcher
MasterKey Shotgun
ACOG scope
Laser ?
Bandolier  Magazines ? (this means two magazines as 1 connected to each other)

Step 13: V1.1 Accessories


1) Silencer... easy enough

Heartbeat Sensor

2) Heartbeat sensor... First print this off...

3) then make this (i hope you can see the four white connectors in the middle row)

4) and then cut the piece of paper to size...

5) you'll also need this.

6-10) unfortunately i couldn't take better pics of the thermal/ACOG scope

there are orange clips in there to provide sights... and the black and white connectors add the feel of thermal vision, but are other wise useless... take them off for the acog scope...

the paper is important, as it provides a cover...

other wise i can't really help you to build this...

11) and heres a preview of the failed grenade launcher attempt... that looked good but didn't work well...

Step 14: Happy Hunting...

Thank you for building...

P.S. This weapon was based off the gun in CoD:MW2 even though I dont have it yet (as in the gun).

P.P.S. The next assault rifle will be either an AK-47, an M4A1 or (most likely) an M16A4. It might be the next one, but I do want to do an SMG, Machine Pistol or a sniper. In which case I'll do either of these:

A decent MP5K ;) jk
M9/M93 Raffica
CheyTac Intervention
or a WA2000

all from CoD: MW2.

vote on what you want. or make other suggestions (modern times please)...