Introduction: Remixed Luke's Light-saber

Hello. I like Star Wars and decided to to a remix from Star Wars - with so many ideas to choose from I decided to go old school and do Luke's Light-Saber.

Here is my inspiration:


    • 1 tube/pipe - found in the hardware store (approx. 30 cm)
    • Metal insert holder
    • Drill
    • Exacto knife
    • Hot glue gun w/ glue sticks
    • Tv connecter (2)
    • Two round pieces of plastic
    • Red sharpie
    • Cardboard
    • Metallic spray paint
    • Black tape
    • Orange tape
    • LEDs with battery pack
    • Clear tube
    • Wooden stick
    • Screws
    • Super glue
    • Round plastic
    • White tape
    • Double AA batteries
    • Ruler

    Step 1: Lightsaber Handle

    I purchased a tube/pipe from the hardware store that is used in plumbing. The original instructions call to cut a curve out of the top in order to model the lightsaber, however after looking at the tube I decided I like the way the top of the pipe was and decided not to cut it. This makes the project a bit easier do do since he uses a rotary tool. The original video has internal pieces in the top part of the handle, however we decided not to do this as my remix is to do the plasma of the lightsaber.

    Get out your metallic spray paint for the metal effect. Then take your tube and spray paint one side and wait for it to dry. Once you have done that side do the other side and wait for it dry.

    Step 2: Details of Handle

    So time for the details. First I used some insert holders and we bent the insert holder upward with pliers. Then we drilled out three holes in the side of the tube and and used an exacto knife to get the rest of the plastic out. Then I hot glued in the piece.

    For the next detail you will need some kind round metal piece, I went with a tv connecter. If you look at the image you can see it. Then draw a circle of where you want it and drill it out. Once you have that piece in get another metal piece (I got another smaller tv connecter). Then on the other side of tube place it farther down and circle around it and drill it out.

    Once you have your holes, hot glue in both of the tv connectors. Great!
    It’s starting to look like a lightsaber!

    Step 3: Details of Handle (2)

    Now that you have hot glued the tv connectors into the drilled holes, get two round plastic parts to color red. You can use google eyes or small round plastic parts. I found mine in our house and used a red sharpie to color them red. Then glue them on to the ends of the tv connector.

    Moving on to the middle of the light saber you will need some black tape. Tape around the vent of the handle. In the original video he spray painted the tape but I like the look of it without the spray paint. Don’t forget to add a smaller strip of tape in the center on top of the large pieces.

    Instead of the original circuit board I am putting the battery pack there (but that is in the blade step).That’s it for details on the handle!

    Step 4: Grips

    To make the handle grips we used cardboard since it is easy to find around the house. You will need four strips. I’m using cardboard strips. Cut them out and put the black tape on them. Then hot glue them onto the tube.

    After that screw in the screws into the tube. And then you’re done with the grips!

    Step 5: Blade

    Now for our remix. To close off the bottom we used a measuring cup and cut it. Then hot glue it in. Pull out a plastic pipe/tube. Get a stick and place it inside the tube, measure where you need to cut off the stick. Cut the wood off with a chop saw.

    Get out your led lights that are connected to a battery hold and wrap them tightly around the wooden stick. Once you have done that then place the blade inside the handle and super glue it in. Almost done!

    Now tape your battery pack with black tape. And I added orange taps for detail. I couldn’t hot glue or super glue the battery pack down because if you need to change the batteries!

    Step 6: You’re Finished!

    Now you have you’re very own light saber!

    Step 7: Source of Inspiration

    Here is the video of inspiration for this project:

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