Introduction: Remnant Smart Saber Disassembly and Speaker Replacement

Hi everyone, first time tutorial here. I just wanted to explain how to disassemble a Remnant Smart Saber Star Wars Light Saber. The particular Smart Saber I took apart had a blown speaker so this tutorial also describes speaker replacement.


Hair Dryer

Allen Keys

Soldering Iron

Step 1: Loosen Screws

Start by removing the two screws on the Switchplate and then loosening the screw on the hilt.

Step 2: Disconnect the Switchplate

Start by unplugging the switchplate. *Make sure the power is switched off

Step 3: Remove the Speaker Assembly

To remove the speaker assembly, press the two plastic tabs inwards and slide out. It might be useful to disconnect the speaker cable wire from the main board.

Step 4: Remove the Main Circuit Board

You can now pull on the main board to slide it out of the hilt.

*If you are just replacing the speaker, you don't need to pull the entire board out.

Step 5: Disconnect the LED Neopixel Wiring Harness and Battery Connector

Disconnect the LED Neopixel Wiring Harness and Battery Connector. Remember during reassembly to reconnect the wires when the main circuit board is inside the plastic housing.

Step 6: Speaker Replacement

The speaker is a 28mm by 6mm 2W 8Ohm. I've provided two links where you should be able to purchase them.

To replace the speaker we need to remove it from the plastic assembly. The speaker is held in by an adhesive so use a hair dryer or hot air gun to melt the glue. Take your time and use low heat or you will risk melting the plastic assembly. Once the glue is melted enough, you should be able to pry off the speaker using a small knife, plastic trim removal tool, or even your fingers as shown in the photo.

In order to rest the current speaker, we can use a multimeter to test the resistance across the speaker. If you register anything greater than 3ohms, the speaker is functional.

On the board, there are two solder pads for the speaker cable, you can test your replacement speaker by touching the wires to the solder pads as shown in the photo.

*Note the speaker in the photo was just for testing purposes and you should make sure your replacement speaker is the same size, resistance, and power as the original (28mm x 6mm; 2W; 8Ohm).

Once the speaker is removed, you can swap the plug wires and solder them to your new speaker. Then simply add a small bead of glue to the new speaker and fit it back into the plastic assembly.

Reassembly is just the opposite of the steps above. I hope this guide was useful and May the Force Be With You!

Step 7: Reference Info


18650 2000mAh Battery

Microcontroller (MCU)


Printed Circuit Board (PCB)

Diatium 3 core by Electrium


28mm diameter by 6mm height

8 Ohm

2W (Watt)