Remote Car Control

Introduction: Remote Car Control

This project consisted in developing and creating a car that could be controlled through arduino, using an Android app. It involved the integration of various components and a code to create a functional project. The code was written to control the car and to have connection via Bluetooth. The car can perform simple tasks such as moving from left to right, forward to reverse, and stopping.

Step 1: Introduction

The arduino is a platform open-source hardware, based on a simple board with inputs and outputs, analog and digital, in a development environment that is based on the programming language processing. It is a device that connects the physical world with the virtual world, or the analogue world with the digital. In this project we used the arduino to control four DC motors and a servo motor this is for that car can go forward, backward, left, right. And the servo motor is used to swing from one side to the other the weapon, the steps, roughly, can be summarized in these steps.

1.Designed the code to handle the car

2.We designed the housing of the carriage

3.Designed the weapon

4.Took the car

unlike many of our competitors we implement a weapon of a type “brush” with a servomotor so that you can go up and down, the way our cart could rotate to the left and right side, programmed the motors so that a given forward while the other backwards, and that way turns to the left or right.

Step 2: Code and How It Works

In order to setup the car and its functionalities, a Bluetooth HC-06 module was used. After that, it was paired to an Android phone in order for the car to be controlled. To pair the phone with the HC-06, the following process was followed.

1. Bluetooth is activated.

2. The user Access to the settings.

3. The user selects Bluetooth.

4. The Scan button is pressed. The phone will search for available devices. After the HC-06 module is found, the shall select it.

5. The user shall enter the HC-06’s PIN. The default PIN is “1234”. Once it is entered, click on OK.

In order to control the car, the program ArduinoRC was used to embed the code from the Arduino to the Bluetooth.

6. Once the device it is paired, we proceed to open the ArduinoRC app.

7. We press Proceed.

8. The HC-06 module is selected.

9. The Controller mode is selected.

10. Once inside the interface, the user shall press the menu button from the phone. Once opened, Set Commands it is selected.

11. Once in the settings, it is needed to setup the letters that were assigned in the Arduino code.

12. The user defines the value and presses ok after each value.

After all the commands from the Arduino code are assigned, the user presses the back button from the phone. The app will now control the car.

Step 3: Results

As a result of the project we obtained a car made by 4 engines for the rims and two servos that mobilized the weapon used to burst the globes. The car was monitored by a bluetooth controlled by a cellphone and programmed in Arduino. A bluetooth was programmed to control the car and other one to move the weapon to easily burst the globes.

Step 4: Conclusion

Programming this cart was a challenge because only one team member knew how to program in a Arduino. It was so hard to get an idea and start programming the car from practically knowing nothing. The knowledge gained were mostly implemented in Lab. Electronics class and other classes. This project was a great help to learn how to use artifacts ever used such as Arduinos, servos , motors, arduino programming , programming bluetooths , etc.

It can be concluded that the development of this project was a challenge and it can be considered as a multidisciplinary project. Making it can be a great help for future projects.

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