Introduction: Remote Control Altoids Tin

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Has anyone ever asked you, "Can I have an Altoid?" But you're just to lazy to reach over and hand the tin to them? Here's the solution to that problem! Now you can simply DRIVE the altoids tin across the table to your friend. This project is really quick and can be done in less than an hour.


You will need:

Old remote control helicopter (be sure it is the kind with two rotors, also known as a co-axial helicopter)

Altoids Tin

Wine Cork  (I used a black one just because I thought it would look better)

Power Drill


Knife (be sure it is nice and sharp)

Step 2: Take Apart the Helicopter

Remove the electronics from the helicopter. Be careful not to damage any of the wires, as they are thin and delicate. clip off the tail rotor motor, you will not need this. You should end up with a small chip, two small motors, and a battery. My helicopter also had a little LED light that I chose to keep on it.

Step 3: Measure and Drill

Measure and mark the halfway point on the long side of the tin. I found it easiest to do this by finding the halfway point twice on the bottom, drawing a line across the bottom, and extending that line onto the side of the tin. Mark the point about half a centimeter from the bottom. Find a drill bit slightly larger than the two motors you have. Drill the holes where you marked and make sure the motors fit snugly. this may take a few tries to get the hole the exact size you need. Next, drill a hole in the front and use your knife to widen it so that if can fit the IR receiver through it. If your helicopter had a light, drill another hole for the light anywhere you want.

Step 4: Placing the Electronics

Place the electronics in the tin with the two motors sticking out of the holes. Put the IR receiver sticking out of the hole in the front. Put the LED through the hole you drilled. Glue everything in place and make sure the on/off switch is accessible as well as the battery charging port. Be sure the motors are absolutely straight as this will affect how straight your tin will drive.I suggest even using a protractor to make sure it is 90 degrees exactly. You could also make another hole in the tin for the switch and charging port. 

Step 5: Wheels

I cut a wine cork in fourths with a sharp knife. Try to cut as straight as possible. Use two of the fourths and throw away the other two. stick the wheels on the motor shaft and glue into place. Be sure the wheels are on straight and centered. If they aren't straight, your tin won't drive straight. If the wheels aren't centered, your tin will wobble around while it rolls. 

Step 6: Play!

Your remote control Altoids tin is now complete! It should be able to drive forward and turn (although the steering controls may br reversed).If you want, you can add more wheels so the tin doesn't drag on the floor, but I thought this would be unnecessary because it seemed to work fine with just two wheels. I would love to hear about any other modifications as well, just leave it in the comments. Thanks for reading my Instructable!

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