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Introduction: Remote Control LED Shop Light

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So this is a super easy project and there's not a whole lot to say in this instructable. The only reason I decided to add this, is because this was new to me, so I figured it will probably be new to some people out there and can maybe help someone shed a little light on their work space.

A friend gave me this little LED flood light, and he wasn't even sure if it worked or not. I hooked up a standard power cable up to it and it worked just fine, so I thought I'd try it out in the garage. It worked great for me, and maybe it would be a good lighting solution for you, too.

Step 1: Mount to Ceiling

Sorry the pictures are so dark, but that's exactly why I needed to add a light! I just mounted the light to my ceiling by attaching little pieces of wire to the frame that holds up the garage door, and attaching the light that way. Just as a temporary way to hold it up while I tried it out.

I plugged it into the outlet in the ceiling, so I needed a way to turn it on and off. I just so happened to have a remote control thingy that I bought for a previous project and never used. You can pick these up at Home Depot for ten bucks. You just plug your light into this, then plug it into the wall. Done.

I went ahead and wrapped the power cord up to keep it from sagging and that's pretty much it.

It took about five minutes and it lit up a significant part of my garage.

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