Introduction: Remote Control Power Wheels ATV Safe for Kids Under $150 !!!

This instructable will show you how to make a safe Remote control Power Wheels for kids UNDER $150.

Parts:List :

Power Wheels ATV $99

Remote control $25

steering servo $5

Speed Control $12

steering linkage $3

Battery plug $4

Things you will need :


Drill and bits

Solder iron

Dremel Tool


Step 1: The Electronics and Power Wheels ATV

You will need

Remote and receiver 27mhz 2.4 ghz or what ever you want. Im using a 27mhz Traxxas TQ3 controller and 3 channel 27mhz receiver.

Electronic speed control This is a basic electronic speed control.

Steering Servo This is a standard 1/10 steering servo. You can use larger 1/8 servo for better steering.

Power Wheels ATV You can find all types of power wheels online to try this with.

Step 2: Open the Power Wheel Up

you will want to splice into the battery with tamiya connector

Step 3: Add Servo and Speed Control

you will need to add the steering servo in the front.

Add receiver and speed controller.

Step 4: Add Wires From Motor to Speed Controller

connect all wires to speed controller and receiver.

you will use the stock battery.

close it up and your done.

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