Introduction: Remote Control Superfast 250 FPV Drone

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Here's what you could do with a 250 FPV racing quadcopter.

  1. You can fly almost everywhere!
  2. Not only can you hover at one specific spot, but you can also fly really, really fast.
  3. You crashed it? No worries, racing quadcopter frames are durable enough to handle most crashes.
  4. You can fly with cameras, and record your flights. Not to mention FPV, that makes you able to fly far away by using a videolink to preview live on the ground!
  5. You can fly at any time! Well, maybe not when the rain is pouring down, but due the small size and low weight, a racing quadcopter handles wind extremely well.
  6. Spy.....No, don't do that.

The list is long, but to summarize, a racing quadcopter is a lot of fun! It's today very approachable with "Ready-to-Fly" models. Like this one:

Step 1: I Want One....but How?

Consider to build you own, it's very rewarding and is (usually) way less expensive than purchase a RTF quadcopter from the local hobby store. Here is a list of components you will need:

  1. Frame:
  2. Motors 4x:
  3. ESC's 4x:
  4. CC3D controller:
  5. Propellers +1:
  6. Transmitter + receiver:
  7. Battery strap:
  8. Batteries +1:
  9. Charger:
  10. XT60 connector:
  11. Basic Tools and a soldering iron.

Optional FPV:

Optional recorder (HD aerial footage):

There's tons of videos on YouTube how to assemble a racing quadcopter.

Step 2: I Had No One to Help Me, I'm Here for You!

Watch videos about quadcopters and browse the forums. Like this one:

Leave a comment below or e-mail me at: and don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube-channel:

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