Introduction: Remote Controlled Bot With Atmega8

About: Master in Electronics Engineering

It is a bot controlled using your any tv remote controller.

We all know that tv remote has one ir transmitter which transmit data to the tv.

There is one ir receiver called TSOP which receives ir signals and send to controller.

Our Bot works on the same principle. For controller we use an arduino older with atmega8 chip.

Step 1: Component Required

1. TSOP any value

2. Arduino Atmega8

3. Batteries

4. Motor Driver

5. Dc Motors geared

6. Wheels

7. Wires

8. Leds x2

9.Programming Cable

10. Arduino IDE

Step 2: Making Connections

Make the Connections As shown in the image.

Assemble the bot and connect the tsop at top for better response.

Step 3: Install Library

Open Arduino IDE

Move to

sketches>include library>Add zip library

then choose the zip file

Step 4: Install Hex Code

Upload hex code to arduino and get hex values for your remote. All values are different for different remotes.

After uploading hex code goto serial moniter to see the hex values of your remote button.

In my case values are like shown in image.

Convert the hex code to decimal value. For conversion use google or any app on playstore.

Step 5: Installing Final Code

Replace your remote values with the values in if condition.

You can choose your own buttons to operate bot.

Step 6: