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Introduction: Remote Controlled Cordless Lantern Light

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This project came to me more out of necessity than anything else. I am currently working on decorating my newborn daughters room and needed a hanging lighting solution that would put out warm, gentle light without and extra cords she could potentially get tangled up in down the road. There was not a lot of options out there for this and I didn't want to break the bank. This project was quick, super easy and only cost $20 total. The remote control and lighting system work perfectly and I don't have to worry about any cord issues down the line!

Step 1: Pick the Right Housing

This is the first and most important step of this project. You want to pick something that will not only let light escape, but also be attractive and hide the led lighting mechanism. I found this lantern at Homegoods for $13. I think that it was originally ment for a candle so I knew this could work. 

Step 2: Buy LED Light and Remote

I found this LED light and remote at Pier One. I liked it for a few reasons. The LED's do not generate much heat at all so I knew it would be safe. I also liked that these lights were ment for other lighting applications - like lanterns. (see image on package) I think both the remote and the LED cost me a total of $7.

Step 3: Adding the LED to the Lantern

This step will vary based on what kind of lantern you buy. It was very easy for me because the LED itself has a string so it can hang attached to it. All I had to do was weave the two piece of string up though the top of the lantern, tie it, and cut off the access. Because this lantern is going to be hanging, you will never see the small knot in the top. It will take a bit of trial and error based on your specific project, but it works great here. 

Step 4: Hanging and Enjoying!

The final step is to hang your finished light in the room of your choice and enjoy the light! The LED's in this kit put off a warm yellow light, not a harsh white light - perfect for the nighttime feedings and such. Hope you have fun creating your own!

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