Remote Controlled Led Reflector From Refurbished Halogen Light

Introduction: Remote Controlled Led Reflector From Refurbished Halogen Light

Improve your light with adding a chip led and remote control

Step 1: Buy a Chip Led, Solder the Led Driver to the Chip

Step 2: Remove Old Unnecessary Parts From the Old Lamp

Remove everything which is in your way, the old holder of the halogen bulb, bolts, cable holders etc. All you need is the external part of the lamp and the aluminum part behind the bulb.

Hide the led driver below the aluminum internal part of the lamp and close the lamp.

Step 3: Buy an Infrared Remote Control, Connect It to the Led Driver's AC Cable End

Step 4: Do You Recall Old Desktop PC Power Cables?

Cut the cable and connect the AC plug end of the cable to the remote control relay

Step 5: Hide the Remote Control Relay in the Waterproof Box Behind the Lamp

Step 6: Install the Lamp to Its Proper Place and Plug It In

Step 7: Check It Out How It Functions!

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