Remote Controlled Light




Introduction: Remote Controlled Light

Here I've made an remote controlled light.

Step 1: Components Needed:

IR Transmitter Circuit:

* IC 555
* 9VDC battery with connector
* Capacitors 100uF, 0.01uF, 1nF
* Resistors 1K, 20K, 470
* Push Button

IR Receiver Circuit:

* TSOP1738
* IC4017
* Capacitor 1uF
* Resistors 1K, 10K, 100K
* Transistors BC547, BC557
* Diode 1N4007
* 6Volts DC Relay
* 9V DC Battery with connector

Step 2: Making the Remote:

Make the Remote circuit and connect it with the 9 volt battery

Step 3: Testing Our Remote:

I've already made a transmitter circuit with connected with an LED. So I've tested it with that.

Step 4: Making the Receiver Circuit:

Make the circuit as detailed in the circuit above.

Step 5: Connect It With Relay and Bulb

Connect the 6V Relay with the circuit. And connect a bulb with the relay and 220V AC power supply.

Step 6: Now It's Ready:

Now our remote and transmitter circuits are ready. Switch on the Remote and see the bulb glowing. Press the button again to switch the bulb off.

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    5 years ago

    This looked like an easy and useful project. I was just about to give a favorable vote when I noticed the schematic for the receiver. Yipes!