Remote Controlled SAM Missile Turret

Introduction: Remote Controlled SAM Missile Turret

In this project, I made a fake radio controlled Surface to Air Missile (SAM) turret. The turret can be controlled manually using the remote control of an old RC car, or can be updated with an Arduino to be controlled with the computer. By replacing the missiles with a camera, it is possible to use this project as a 2-axis gimbal.

Simplicity is the key point in this project. Moreover, all parts used were salvaged from old toys.

Step 1: The Components

The components were salvaged from old equipment and toys:

- Two small DC motors salvaged from a toy car and a cassette player.

- Toy car wheels.

- A cylindrical plastic box.

- A spray painting can cap.

- An RC transmitter-receiver salvaged from an old RC car.

- White board markers.

Step 2: Construction

To construct the 2-axis gimbal, first attach the wheels to the dc motor axes. Next, glue one of the motors on the wheel of the other motor.

Now construct the tower by gluing the cylindrical box to the spray painting can cap. Do not forget to open a hole in the cap to allow the cables to pass.

Next, remove the wheel that holds the second motor of the gimbal, place the first motor inside the cylindrical box, and re-attach the wheel with the second motor again to the axis of the first motor. Ensure that the motor cables pass smoothly to the bottom of the tower.

Finally, connect the wires of the DC motors to the outputs of the remote control receiver.

Connect a tray to the vertical wheel to hold the missiles. Using a surprise egg, you can have a nice motor cover.

Step 3: Finalize

Once the turret is done, finalize the project with some touches. First place the receiver circuit inside the base of the project. Then add missiles; I used white board markers to fake the missiles. I was thinking to use two missiles and add a laser pointer between the missiles but I changed my mind.

You can use this tower as a 2-axis camera gimbal, and control the direction of the camera using the remote control.

You can control the tower/gimbal using the computer as well. Kindly refer to the link below to update the tower with Arduino, and control it using the computer.

Kindly check the video below for the finished SAM missile tower project.

As you can see from the video, the speed of the DC motors is a problem. The last figure is a suggestion for a PWM motor speed controller. Update the H-bridge circuits on the receiver circuit with the suggested circuit to control the speeds of the motors.

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