Introduction: Remote Controlled Smart Fan

Traditional fans are not directive, we like to stay only that place where we find maximum cooling of fan. So the concept of smart fan is to make it directive and easy controllable with remote or mobile. We can also control its speed with the help remote. For our project, we had place DC motor on the servo motor. The position of servo motor is decided by remote via arduino which allow to change the direction of DC motor. At the same time speed of DC motor can also be controlled by arduino and remote. Though smart fan concept is not realizable but in future it may be possible that this will evolve new invention in technology field.

Step 1: Parts:

You need the following parts to built this Fan:-

1. DC Motor.

2. A Servo Motor.

3. A Motor Driver Shield.

4. An Arduino Board.

5. AN IR Receiver TSOP.

6. SIRC Remote Control.

You can buy these Parts from HERE !

Step 2: Remote Control

For controlling through Remote Control Refer to my instructable Remote Control. Decide the Keys on the Remote take the Readings by using the Code of the Remote Control. According to that keys decided change the Code attached here in the Next Step.

Step 3: Arrangement & Connections

Mount the DC Motor on the Servo motor. So the servo motor works for the Direction and the DC Motor works as Fan. You can Mount it by using a single Thread Wire.

Connect the wires of DC Motor to the output pins of the Motor Driver. Connect the input pins of the Motor Driver to the Digital Pin 1 and another one to the ground of the Arduino Board.

Connect the Positive (+ Ve) terminal of the Servo Motor to the Digital Pin 9 and another on to the Ground of an Arduino Board.

Step 4: Code

The ON-OFF of the DC Motor is controlled by Digital Pin 1.

The direction is controlled using the Servo Motor.

(Note: Please remove the connections of the DC Motor while Programming if you are using the Pin number 1 as this pin is used for the serial communication between Programmer and AtMega.)

First decide the Keys on the Remote control that you want for controlling note the readings or Command of that key. According to It you need to do the changes in the Code that I have attached. For more information Refer to my Previous instructable SIRC Remote Control.

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