Introduction: Remote Debug for Arduino ESP8266 Over Telnet

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RemoteDebug Library for Arduino ESP8266

The remote debug solution over telnet connection for ESP8266!

Arduino unfortunately only have as debug tool of the type Serial.print commands

With ESP8266 (NodeMCU) have now interconnected devices on the WiFi network.

Debug only with Serial not good enough and we usually have several nodes to manage, and debug the communication between them. And the nodes may be in another location.

With this library, you can debug remotely ESP8266 with a client telnet.

Telnet clients: - Telnet: for MacOS and Linux - Putty or another: for MS Windows

Debug your devices over a telnet connection!

Very simple and powerful tool for development

It does all the work, running a telnet server and manage the client. (only one client at same time, by avoid overheads).

Use Print commands like Serial.print over WiFi with any telnet client.

With debug levels to filter incoming messages

Debug levels: - Verbose - Debug - Info - Warnings - Errors

These levels is is in order of priority (minor-> verbose / major-> errors)

overhead mininum if not client telnet connected.

It also allows to run predefined commands in your code, for example, to send status or perform some routine. All this remotely controlled via telnet.

Optimized to reduce overheads, including telnet buffer

The video shows 3 nodes Esp8266 been debugging at same time.

Please access the GitHub: