Introduction: Remote Servo Dropper for Drone Fishing Super Neat

here's how I built an awesome quick neat little servo dropper from parts I had lying around this would be suitable for drone fishing dropping random stuff with your drone for fun e.g snacking up on friends and dropping a water balloon on them!.


parts you need:

1x3kg servo (more or less than 3kg will work)

1x 2.4ghz transmitter and receiver from rc car

a 2-6s to 5volt step down voltage regulator.

1x iPhone 6 box

some glue.

Step 1: Find an Old Phone Box I Used an IPhone 6 Box

cut the shape of your servo like I did in pictures. so it can fit tightly and fairly close to the side of the box.

Step 2: Glue an Extra Card Board Piece for Support

I glued an extra cardboard support it was already in the iPhone box so it was conveniently the right size! you can also ad some screws to make the servos mounting extra strong

Step 3:

cut a flap on your iPhone box so it can close without the the servo getting in the way.

Step 4:

get an rc car remote and receiver and I used a lipo battery with a 5v step down so it was the right power I connect the servo to the throttle output pins so I can pull the trigger on the remote and it releases the pin that is connected to the servo

Step 5:

poke a hole where you want your servos pin to be.

Step 6:

cut a slit in lid of the box and a hole for the string to stick out your done! it works well for me I hope it works for you enjoy.

Step 7: Drone Mounting

I used valcro but there are many ways you could mount it e.g screws, sticky tape, gopro mount