Introduction: Remote Desktop From and Android Phone to an IDevice

This is an instructable on how to remote desktop from an android phone to an iphone. I'm pretty sure this hasn't been done before, google couldn't find anything remotely close. This displays the screen of your iphone or ipod on your android phone. NOTE: this connection lags a bit on my android phone, but it is still very good.

Step 1: Materials

What you will need:
- JAILBROKEN iphone or ipod touch
- Android phone running android 2.2 and up with android market or Google Play store
- Some basic know-how of your device
- Internet

Step 2: Prepping Your IDevice

Things you need to do on you iDevice:
- Install veency
- Get on the internet
- Know the ip address of your iDevice

Things it helps to have:
- Activator
- Activator shortcut for the home button (double tap the status bar works well)
- Activator shortcut for the lock button (swipe right to left on the status bar works well)

Step 3: Prepping You Android Phone

Things you have to have:
- A vnc viewer, I REALLY advise bVNC Free - Secure VNC Viewer
- The same internet as your iDevice (the connection is over the internet)

Step 4: Setting Up Your IDevice

What to do:
- Open settings, you should see a few new things, one should be "Veency"
- Open it.
- Enable it, if it isn't already.

- Put in a password, this means you don't have to accept the connection on the iDevice

Step 5: Setting Up Your Android Phone

What you have to do:
- Open bVNC free
- Make a new connection
- Input the ip address of your iDevice, under VNC connection settings
- Change the connection type to UltraVNC
- Name the connection
- Open advanced settings
- Make sure 24 bit color is selected
- Make sure Local mouse pointer is selected
- Make sure full screen bitmap is selected
- If needed, input your password

Step 6: Connect!

- On your android phone, select connect
- Open settings
- Open input mode
- Change it to: Direct, hold pan
- Hit the back button on your android phone
- You're done!