Introduction: Remote Infrared Telegram

Hello everyone. Welcome to my 1st instructable. Now I'm going to show you how to make a portable infrared telegram. You can use it to send messages via Morse code. (You need to know Morse code to use this ;) So if you are ready let's go on to step 2 What you will need.

Step 1: Parts

Here is what you will need. I have found the best prices for you on ebay but you can buy them from Sparkfun or Radioshack too.


x2 400 point breadboards | ebay | Sparkfun | Radioshack

x2 TSOP 312 IR receiver(any IR receiver will work) | ebay | Sparkfun | |Radioshack

x2 IR leds| ebay | Sparkfun | Radioshack

x2 piezo speakers| ebay | Sparkfun | Radioshack

x2 momentary push buttons | ebay | Sparkfun | Radioshack

x2 4 AA batteries with a battery holder ( Come on, do i have to tell you where to find batteries ?)

x1 Sheet of paper. (Preferably black)

Optional : x2 hobby box to put the whole thing in.

Step 2: The Connection

The connection is pretty simple. It needs no programming. If I have any mistakes please post a comment and I will correct it. Here are the schematics. I think it's pretty self-explanatory. I have also uploaded the fritzing file. Feel free to modify it.

Step 3: The End

That's all. Now you can communicate with each other if you know morse code.

IF YOU DON'T you can learn and print very easily from HERE.

If you have any question please upload a comment and I will do my best to answer it.

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