Detachable Dust Shoe for DW660 and Shapeoko CNC



Introduction: Detachable Dust Shoe for DW660 and Shapeoko CNC

This is a simple easy detachable dust shoe (made out of tennis ball can) for my new Shapeoko 2 which use a Dewalt DW660 cut out tool as the spindle.

Notice, enable to use this dust shoe, the "Tool Free Collar" on the DW660 needs to be removed.
(The rotation of the Spindle Lock is not relevant to the use of this dust shoe. )
Here is how to remove it quoted on the Shapeoko Wiki:

Tool Free Collar Removal and Spindle Lock Rotation
Use a T15 bit to remove the 4 screws holding the front of the tool together. WARNING:You have to hold the tool with the collet UP. If you don't, the entire rotor can fall out of the tool and requires total disassembly of the tool to reinstall.Once you have removed the 4 screws and the collet nut, the front of the tool comes right off. Remove the snap ring and the tool free collar comes off.At this point you can also twist the black metal piece and yellow shroud 90 degrees to put the shaft lock on the side with the DeWALT logo.Removal gives you more room under the tool and makes it much easier to use.Use a 5/8" wrench to tighten the collet and the stock button to hold the shaft.

Step 1: 1.Material and Tools

The only material you need for this dust shoe is a tennis ball plastic can that have a plastic lid (pretty much all tennis ball can have it).

For tools, you only need scissor, ruler, and a craft knife.
Optionally, a Circle Cutter, which will make the job a bit easier.

Step 2: 2.Cut the Tennis Ball Can in Half

Use a knife or scissor to cut the tennis ball can in half.
The bottom half will not be useful in this instructable.

Step 3: 3.Cut a Hole in the Plastic Lid

Use a knife or circle cutter to cut a circle with 44 mm diameter hole in the middle of the plastic lid.

Step 4: 4. Trim the Top Half of the Plastic Can

Trim the top half of the plastic can to the height you want for the dust shoe.
I trimmed it to 5cm, and turned out a bit short. I will recommend around 7 cm measure from rim.

Step 5: 5.Cut Out the Brush

Use a scissor to cut the plastic part of the can into brush for the dust shoe.
Make suer to leave at least 1cm of plastic for rigidity reason.

Step 6: 6.Shape the Brush

After cutting the brush, bend the brush outward slightly, and bend the end of the brush even more.
I use a lighter to bake the out side of the brush end, this will make the brush end curve up even more, and also make the cutting edge smoother so its less likely to bind to anything.

Step 7: 7. Done!

Now, you should end up with something like the photo, and you are done!
Take some time and praise on the hand made removable dust shoe you just made.

Step 8: 8.Install

To install the dust show, first, take the lid and carefully push the DW660 's bottom rim (where the Tool Free Collar used to hold on) through the hole in the middle of the lid. This should be a really tight fit, so when the lid is on the DW660, the excess plastic on the lid will push and hold the lid on the tool nice and firm.

Step 9: 9.How to Use

Now, all you have to do when you want to attach the dust shoe, is to just push the brush part onto the lid in the way they were meant to be.

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