Introduction: Removable Peplum Skirt Two Ways

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This skirt can be worn two totally different ways - either a straight, fitted style or just attach one piece and you have a fun peplum skirt! If I had more time, I would have made another attachment with a bunch of ruffles! But for now, I love being able to take a beautiful fitted skirt, which can be worn to work or on the go and transforming it so simply by attaching the peplum!

Background: The skirt I created was made from scratch - meaning, I didn't have a store-bought pattern. It was my first time making my own pattern and if interested, you could do the same thing (I explain EXACTLY how to do it in Step 2). It wasn't difficult, but took some time and adjustments. Once done, you have your own pattern to use to create more skirts in the future. If you're not interested in making such a custom-fit skirt, you could always use a pattern from the store or use a straight skirt you already have. The skirt took the majority of the time. The peplum attachment did not take long and is very simple to make. If you just want to make some of them to attach to skirts you already have, feel free to skip to that step of this instructable! I took my time making the skirt as I wanted it to be really high-quality and fully lined on the inside. I'm really happy with how it turned out!

If you have any questions on any step of this instructable, please ask me in the comments section! I am happy to help!

Photo credits go to my 7-yr-old son Josh - thanks for taking the pics. I hope I don't look angry in the main picture as I was kind of squinting from the sun! :) And, we had a few lighting issues so if colors look a little different, that is why!

Step 1: Requirements for Removable Peplum Skirt

  • 2 yards of fabric (varies - depends if you're using a pattern for the straight skirt & what that pattern calls for)
  • Lining fabric - 1 yard should be enough
  • Zipper
  • Hook & Eye closures
  • Fusible Interfacing
  • Sewing Machine
  • Iron
  • Scissors or Rotary Cutter
  • Newspaper or wrapping paper
  • Measuring Tape
  • Patience!

Step 2: Making the Pattern for Your Straight Skirt

If you want to make your own custom-fit straight skirt, now's your chance! I recommend that you use some old newspaper lying around, or wrapping paper to create your pattern on. If you don't have either of those, you could tape some pieces of paper together.

First, you'll need to take some measurements:
  • Waist
  • Hips
  • Distance from Waist to Hips
  • Length of skirt - here you just need to figure out approximately how long you want the skirt to be
Fold the newspaper in half length-wise.
You'll first need to do some calculations, and then you'll be plotting some spots on the newspaper to make your pattern. The seam allowances & ease are specific to this type of straight fitted skirt. They won't work with other types or styles of skirts.

Please refer to the very detailed image for specific instructions on what you need to do to create your pattern. I put each step on the image, so you could easily understand. Once done, cut out your newspaper pattern. Then layout your material, and use the newspaper pattern to cut out your material - one front and one back (and one front and back in your lining material as well, if you choose to line it).

Note: In the pic you can see how the top of my pattern looks - well, I ended up trimming some of it down so it had more of a straight edge on the top. I added that extra flare because I wanted to add deep darts in the front (4 of them) and two in the back.

After cutting the pieces out - pin one side together and wrap it around you, pinning on the other side. Do this to be sure it will fit alright and to take it in if you need to in any areas. Most likely that will not be necessary.

Very Important: If you plan on having darts in the front or back (or both) sides of the skirt, then please don't forget to account for the extra inches which may be needed to do so. I don't really recommend it for the first skirt, but it's up to you.

Step 3: Optional Darts

In this step, I added some very deep/long darts in the front of my skirt. Please be cautious in doing this, if you plan on doing so. I had to alter my pattern by making it a bit larger along the top few inches, so I could create these darts. It was very confusing and I don't recommend it for the first skirt you're creating. If you can calculate your measurements properly and account for dart material - then go for it! After this, I sewed the two pieces together along the sides.

Step 4: Zipper & Lining

After sewing the main pieces together at their sides, I then took my zipper out. I trimmed my zipper to an appropriate length (past my hips). I then repeated the last few steps for the lining. I sewed one side of the lining, and the other side I did not sew together. I had to carefully sew the lining to the zipper. The place where the zipper ended, I continued sewing the lining front piece to the lining back piece.

Step 5: Hem the Bottoms & Cut Out Belt

Iron & hem the bottoms of the skirt fabric as well as the lining. Then cut out a strip of material about 3 inches x  your waist measurement + a few inches extra. Iron in some fusible interfacing & also iron the strip of material in half, length-wise. After that, open it up and fold about 1/2 inch in and iron it (on both sides, lengthwise). By now you should have sewn around the top of your skirt to secure the main fabric to the lining. Then you'll take this long strip and calculate approximately how long you'll need it to be (allow for a couple extra inches on one side & one inch on the other for the hook and eye closure). Once you have figured it out, go ahead and sew it onto the top of the skirt. Hand-sew the hook & eye closures on the ends.

Your skirt is done!

Step 6: Cut & Sew Your Peplum On

Now time to make your peplum attachment! This is much easier than the previous steps! You'll need to take your waist measurement.

If your waist is 19 inches, then add 2 inches = 21 inches divided by 6.28 = 3.3 inch radius. Please replace that 19 with your own waist measurement, add 2 inches and divide by 6.28. Once you get the total, ie: 3.3 inches, you'll then need a piece of paper. Take the paper and a ruler or measuring tape. Measure from the corner of the paper, out to the distance the total came to (ie: 3.3 inches). Make a mark or dash, then follow the ruler down or angle it, and mark another dash, and on and on. Then cut the little curve out. I then measured a distance of about 7 inches from that curve - and cut it out. (If you need more details on how to do this, I learned it from a wonderful tutorial here)

Take your fabric and fold it in half once, and then once again (four layers). Place this pattern on the corner & cut it out. You'll then have a nice loop! I ended up cutting mine in half, in order to get the desired look I was going for. If you don't cut it in half, you could use elastic instead of a hook and eye to attach it. I then used a topstitch or serger-like stitch to go over the top edge of the peplum circle.

I then calculated where I wanted to place the peplum and how I wanted it to look. I did this by trying my straight skirt on. I really liked the peplum arched down in the front and even further down in the back. In order to do this, I had to cut out another long strip of material. I then laid it out on that material, pinned it and used a water-soluble marker to trace along the edge of where I wanted it placed. I then unpinned it and cut the material out. Then I took out the iron, folded the edges under and ironed away. Then I did a small stitch a couple inches down along the two ruffled areas of the front of the peplum, to reinforce them. Then, I placed the long strip around the peplum, pinned it and sewed it in place.

After trying it on, I was able to calculate the exact fit I wanted for the peplum. Lastly, I hand-sewed two hook & eye closures on the ends of it so it could be removed easily. Lastly, I ironed the bottom of the peplum (under twice) and sewed the bottom edge for a nice clean finish.

The peplum is done!

Step 7: Enjoy Your Perfect-Fit Peplum Two-Way Skirt

Enjoy your beautiful peplum two-ways to wear skirt!

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