Remove BMW Phone Cradle

Introduction: Remove BMW Phone Cradle

This a one way, destructive guide to remove the phone cradle + adaptor on a BMW 550 E60.

The phone cradle -WILL- get damages, proceed at your own risk.

Step 1: Stupid German Design !

For those who owns any bimmers, storage in the center console is a joke ! The factory phone cradle is only a base plate, with any model specific phone adaptors $130 a pop.

I use Bluetooth sync & rather sacrifice this for more junk storage ....

Step 2: Tools You'll Need

All repair manuals on E60 saids there're lots interior panel removals to get a clean break. Since it's my own car & I'll never use this feature, brute force & following simple tools are needed:

- long heavy screw driver
- nylon pry tool

Step 3: Pry the Sucker Out !

Cover all you nice wood trims near the vicinity !

Open the arm rest. On passenger side, look for the hinge arm pivot point. Insert screwdriver & pry till you get the plastic pin out of the hole.

Step 4: Twist Off the Other Pin

Once one side of the cradle is out, twice off the other pin that had the wire bundle with some force. (Imagine breaking a lobster claw)

This is held on with some thin plastic & should break off easily.

Step 5: Remove the Rear Panel

Don't get impatient now & just snip off the wire cables ! This may generate computer fault codes & $$$ on repairs repairs !

Go to the rear vent & pry out the cig lighter panel. Top part is slotted to the vents, so work from the sides in a U shape pattern till it pops out.

Step 6: Disconnect the Cables

Have someone jerk the wire bundle while you feel the other end. There should be 2 cables, each to a jack.

Phone control jack has a locking tab & collar.
Push tab, turn collar to unlock, then pull.

Antenna has a simpler plug, just push the locking tab & unplug.

Step 7: Cradle Now Gone !

Have your buddy gently pull while you feed the loose cables out. Gently pop back the rear panel & you're all done !

This unit should still be functional w/o the nicely rotating pin.

Now eBay this part & enjoy the free space ....

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